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Who is Dennis L. Rader?

Dennis Rader 2001

"He was anything but a recluse. His job as a city code enforcement supervisor required daily contact with the public, and he even appeared on television in 2001 in his tan city uniform for a story on vicious dogs running loose in Park City. Before becoming a municipal employee, Rader worked for a home-security company, where he held several positions that allowed him access to customers' homes, including a role as installation manager. He worked for ADT Security Systems from 1974 to 1989 - the same time as a majority of the BTK killings (AP)."

Dennis L. Rader (born March 9, 1945) lives in Park City, a Wichita suburb seven miles north of the city.  Rader was born one of four brothers. He grew up in Wichita and graduated from Wichita Heights High School. Rader spent four years (1966–1970) in the U.S. Air Force as a mechanic, including time in South Korea, Turkey, Greece and Okinawa. He attended Wichita State in the fall of 1973. 1973 Rader Butler CollegeThere he graduated in 1979 with a major in Administration of Justice. 

From 1974 to 1988, Rader worked at ADT Security Services, a home security company. Rader was the census field operations supervisor for the Wichita area for the 1990 federal census.

Since 1990, Rader has worked as a  supervisor of the Compliance Department at Park City.
In this position, neighbors recalled him as sometimes overzealous and extremely strict. Rader served on both the Sedgwick County's Board of Zoning Appeals and the Animal Control Advisory Board (1996 - 1998).

Paula Dietz Rader 2004 2005 Christ Lutheran Church He had been a member of Christ Lutheran Church for about 30 years and had been elected president of the Congregation Council - a position he still holds as of March 15, 2005. He was a Boy Scout and Cub Scout leader for decades. Rader is married to Paula Dietz Rader. They have two adult children, Brian and Kerri (Rawson).

From: "BTK Wichita Serial Killer"

~ Born March 9, 1945
~ Early childhood in Pittsburg, KS - baptized at Zion Lutheran Church
~ Grew up mostly in Wichita
~ Graduated from Wichita Heights High School (1963)
~ Kansas Wesleyan University in Salina (Fall 1965 - Spring 1966)

~ US Air Force mechanic/repairing wire & antenna systems, June 1966 - Aug. 9th 1970, entered AF in Kansas City, Mo., earned a small arms expert marksman badge

Dennis Rader air force
  * Lackland Air Force Base near San Antonio, Texas
            Aug 17, 1966 –Sep 30, 1966
  * Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, KS
            Sep 30, 1966 - Feb 4, 1967
  * Brookley Field in Mobile, AL
            Feb 4, 1967-1968 (~1 year)
  * Kadean AFB, Okinawa
            Jan, 1968 - July, 1968
  * Tachikawa Air Base, n
ear Tokyo, Japan
1968 – Aug 1970.

Records show only bases where he was assigned not places where he had temporary duty. On the Riverview Roundup questionnaire, he also states he was in Turkey & Greece.
~ Returned to Wichita 1970
~ Butler County Community College in El Dorado (Jan 1971-May 1973) associate's degree, electronics
~ Married (Paula E. Dietz) since May 22, 1971, two adult children, a son, Brian Howard, born in 1975 is at a Connecticut naval base in submarine school and a daughter, Kerri Lynn (Rawson), born in 1978 now married to Darian Rawson and living in Michigan.
~ Worked in the meat department for Leeker's IGA, Park City, 1971
~ Coleman Co., at the Heating & Air conditioning plant, 37th St N, Wichita, June 19, 1972- July 6, 1973.
~ Lived in Park City since 1972 (?) 6220 Independence
~ Administrative Justice degree Wichita State, attended 1973-1979
(unemployed July 6, 1973 - Nov 1974 ?)
~ ADT Security, 431 N. Washington St, Wichita, Installations Manager, Dennis Rader badge adt 1972Nov 1974 - Jul 1988, worked in "the dungeon" section of the office with no windows/gray walls - occasionally out of the office to sign off on installations.
(gap of employment July 1988 - ~Jan 1990?)
~ Census Field Operations Supervisor for the Wichita area (1990)
(gap of employment ~Jan 1991-May 10, 1991?)
~ Park City Compliance Officer since May 10, 1991 - Mar 03, 2005, earning $16.20/hr (in charge of animal control, nuisances, inoperable vehicles and general code compliance)
~ Sedgwick County Board of Zoning Appeals (1996), appointed to the Sedgwick County Animal Control Advisory Board (1996-1998)
~ Boy Scout & Cub Scouts leader for nearly two decades
~ President (??-2005) /Sound Person/Church Theater, Christ Lutheran Church, Wichita (member for 30 years)


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