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“An Inch Thick Document
for a Couple Of $25 Dog Fines!!”

2/28/05 – from CNN NEWSNIGHT with Aaron Brown
(transcript link)
FREED: Danny Saville is a lawyer who challenged Dennis Rader in court a few years ago.
SAVILLE: He was very, very focused on winning.
FREED: So focused, Seville says, that Rader had prepared an inch thick document complete with photos for a couple of $25 dog fines.
SAVILLE: I could see him killing a dog in a heartbeat. I mean he was a dog catcher, you know, and he seemed very cold, very meticulous.

Suspect in 10 Murders: A Stickler for Living by the Rules

Park City Wichita map
"He looked for absolutely everything, and he must have enforced every rule there ever was - just because he could, I guess," said Barbara Walters, 69, a retired auditor for the Internal Revenue Service, who challenged a $25 ticket that Mr. Rader had issued in August 1998, saying her dog, Shadow, was running loose … Ms. Walters's lawyer said that Mr. Rader arrived for court more prepared than some lawyers are for murder trials, bearing a lengthy file on Shadow, a videotape of the dog and a complicated system of notebook tabs linking the accusations to his evidence. Mr. Rader, and his pile of paper, won. (March 6, 2005. Monica Davey, NY Times).”

Paula and Dennis Rader married in 1971 ... "Police say that less than three years into that marriage, Rader killed a family of four. Then, police say, he stabbed a young woman and strangled her. When their son was about 20 months old, authorities say Rader killed a mother of three. When Paula Rader was pregnant with Kerri, Dennis Rader is alleged to have killed Nancy Fox. After that killing, police say, BTK called dispatchers and his voice was captured on tape. And on Paula's 37th birthday, Sedgwick County authorities found the body now thought to be BTK's eighth victim, Marine Hedge. The 53-year-old widow was abducted from her home, just a few doors from the Rader family on North Independence Street ... Before the arrest, the Raders' daughter and husband had Web logs. Their daily lives were detailed for friends and others to see. Within days after the arrest, both logs were taken down, as were all family photos. Some of those photos, according to one of the Web logs, included images from May 2004 when the Raders went to Michigan for a visit. It was that same month when Wichita police say BTK sent a letter to a local television station with fake IDs and a word puzzle. That letter was the second one BTK had sent to the news media since re-emerging in March 2004 after 25 years of silence (Kansas City Star)."

The puzzle of Dennis Rader

“The phone call came to Patrick Walters' law office around 11 a.m. Aug. 3, 1998. It was a Park City resident who lived near his mother. ‘The neighbor told me they saw a guy in the back yard shooting at the dog,’ Walters recalled. ‘I guess it was one of those tranquilizer rifles.’ When he got to his mother's house, he found Rader inside her fenced-in yard. Rader later said he was investigating a report that Barbara Walters' dog was running loose. ‘I told him who I was, and I asked him to get off the property,’ Walters said. ‘He wouldn't do it.’ I just repeatedly asked him to leave and he wouldn't. He was questioning my authority. ‘The Park City police chief happened to pull up, and got us both to calm down. He got Mr. Rader to back off. The whole thing lasted maybe 10 or 15 minutes’ … When it was over, the dog was gone. Escaped. The neighbor told Walters that Rader opened the gate. Three days later, Rader delivered a citation to Barbara Walters, saying she had allowed Shadow to run loose (Wichita Eagle).”

BTK suspect remembered as control freak
Neighbor calls Rader 'coward' who intimidated single women

 “… he was also known as an arrogant and harassing neighbor who bullied single women on his street, and an unforgiving supervisor who made life miserable for at least one subordinate -- another single woman. ‘He nitpicked people to death. He was a total control freak,’ said Dee Stuart, a mayoral candidate in nearby Park City, where Rader lived. Stuart said a friend of hers, whom she declined to identify, worked with Rader, a Park City compliance officer, and 'filed grievance after grievance' against him. ‘She suffered through a constant barrage of belittling attacks from him’ … ‘He was mean-spirited and a coward," said James Reno, a neighbor who did battle with Rader for years over his treatment of neighbors. Reno said he called City Hall to complain about Rader several times and was always told ‘we'll look into it (Washington Post)."

BTK: Narcissistic Personality?

There are many instances of serial killers being termed or identified as narcissists, often co-morbid with other psychological problems or illnesses. I would contend BTK is a narcissist because of his skill at manipulation, his ability at 'performing/acting', and because of his total lack of empathy as seen in both the killings and in his communications about the killings. Narcissists are experts at imitating emotions, at exhibiting the 'right' behaviors atbtk reunion letter rivervies junior high school 8th the right times, and at exploiting others. Because narcissists are also so cunning and practiced at their presentation of themselves to the world, it is likely BTK is and was acutely aware of his presentations; actively controlling what persona he wanted others to believe whether that is as an 'uneducated person', as 'not in control of the monster', or that he has enough of a pattern to warrant a 'serial killer MO'. In 'real' life the presentation could be as a 'nice guy', 'a good father or mate', 'successful, powerful, or rich', 'a martyr', or as 'well liked" to others because this is how he wants them to see him. Narcissists have endless energy to commit to a nonstop array of skilled self promotion complete with the right presentation and all the right details to make it believable. They will often gravitate towards those who buy into the persona they present and away from those who don't. Or they will promote interactions with those who simply have no reference."

"...narcissists will act with malevolence only if it benefits them, but not if they are harmed...Narcissists are an elusive breed, hard to spot, harder to pinpoint, impossible to capture (Vaknin)."

Dec 27 2003, Darian Rawson' s Blog (Kerri Rader’s husband)
Living with Kerri
I think this is going to shorten my life. I am either waking up with no covers, waking up with a psychotic woman looking for a monster, or some mexican person that could've broken in to murder us. Either that or she is just screaming because she thinks that in my peacful state of slumber that I am trying to mutilate her in some way. I have heard rumors that all women are completely insane when they sleep. I think the idea is to control every facet of their mans life. There was a week or so after we had been married about a month where I was woke up 3 times a night to some sort of dream event of somekind or screaming. Let me tell you, it just about destroyed me.

The Sad Dreams of the Narcissist - Dr. Sam Vaknin

"The narcissist is a human pendulum hanging
by the thread of the void that is his False Self.

He swings between brutal and vicious  abrasiveness
- and mellifluous, saccharine
It is all a simulacrum. A verisimilitude. A facsimile.

Enough to fool the casual observer.
Enough to extract the drug

- other people's glances
- the reflection that sustains

this house of cards

The Hope For Healing Human Evil

rader house park city btk 2005Barbara Walters is a retired auditor for the Internal Revenue Service. Misty King met Rader in 1998, the night she came from the hospital with her husband, and left Park City in 2001 because Rader harassed her over-and-over including peeking through her windows and just sitting outside her house watching.

“ When the marriage ended, Rader continued to stop by, offering to ‘keep an eye on things.’ Then a boyfriend moved in. Rader's demeanor changed, King said. She began getting citations. He claimed the grass next to her fence was higher than the grass in her lawn. He issued a citation because her boyfriend was refurbishing a car in the driveway, even though her former father-in-law had done the same thing in the same spot for years without a citation. Documents show King went to court over six citations between 1999 and 2001. She called several times to complain to police about Rader's behavior. ‘They’d say, 'He's just doing his job' … More than once, she said, Rader told her all her problems would go away if she got rid of her boyfriend. In fall 2001, she came home to find a note on her door from Rader stating that her dog, a St. Bernard-chow mix, had gotten out of her fenced yard. Rader had taken it to the pound. When she went to get the dog, she was told she had to meet with Rader first. She went to see him but was told he wasn't available. By the time they met the following Monday, the dog had been euthanized (Wichita Eagle).”


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