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BTK Stands for Bind, Torture, and Kill

Shirley Vian 1977 btk wichita serial killerThe name BTK was chosen by the killer and stands for Bind, Torture, and Kill. Police believe BTK killed at least ten people in or around Wichita, Kansas, between 1974 and 1991. Police already suspected BTK of committing at least seven heinous murders between 1974 a 1977. In the early years, BTK communicated frequently in a bizarre fashion with the media attempting to gain notoriety, report and detail his own crimes, give himself a name, and make demands. Known early communications include

10/12/74  - A call was placed by BTK to Don Granger of the Eagle-Beacon’s Secret Witness Program regarding a letter about the Otero murders placed in a mechanical eng.Otero Letter October 1974 btk serial killer text at the library. Granger called the police and they retrieved it. The letter was subsequently published by another local paper, the Wichita Sun, surreptitiously against the wishes of the Wichita police.

12/09/77 -  BTK placed  a 911 call reporting the Nancy Fox homicide. The call was traced to a local Wichita pay phone. In 1979, this taped phone conversation was aired by a local TV station, KAKE.

2/11/78 - BTK sent a package containing bizarre contents; a letter claiming seven homicides with the infamous phrase “How about some name for me, it's time”, a poem (“Oh! Death to Nancy”),  and a sketch. Additionally, Rose Stanley, who was an anchorwoman at KAKE-TV in Wichita in 1977, said she was the target of one of the Strangler's letters. In the letter, BTK said “I'm gonna get that news lady"”

Tape of BTK call aired; police are hoping for ID
Aug 15, 1979, Wichita Eagle-Beacon

taped 911 phone conversation

"The voice was recorded on the automatic taping system at the Emergency Communications Department when BTK called police in December 1977 to report the death of a woman he calls his seventh victim, Nancy Jo Fox...

On Dec. 9, 1977, a man called police through a telephone operator. Because the call was placed through the operator, an automatic trapping system was activated. The trapping system allowed the telephone company to trace the call to a phone booth at St. Francis and Central, even though BTK hung up quickly.

Nancy Fox BTK Victim WIchita 1977When a police dispatcher picked up the telephone, a man said in a clear voice, 'Yes. You will find a homicide at 843 South Pershing. Nancy Fox.'

The dispatcher attempted to get the man to repeat his statement, but the telephone operator, still on the line, interrupted and repeated the address. The man said, 'That is correct,' and hung up.

The conversation was recorded at the emergency communications center on a tape recorder with a slow tape speed, which affected the quality of the tape somewhat. There also was considerable background noise, including what is thought to be a bus accelerating.

LaMunyon provided a copy of the tape, which KAKE sent to Professor Mark Weiss of Queens College in Flushing, N.Y. Weiss invented a computer process to eliminate extraneous noises on tape recordings. Weiss used the process to analyze President Nixon's Watergate tapes and a Dallas police radio recording that captured the shots that killed President Kennedy in 1963.

The entire recording is only seven seconds long, and BTK speaks only 15 words during a three-second span.

LaMunyon said that the original, unenhanced tape had been sent to the FBI laboratory in Washington, D.C., sometime ago. The FBI said that the tape was too short and that there was too much background noise for making a voiceprint suitable for comparison with the voices of suspects."


Feb 11, 1978 - 'BTK' made first contact through newspaper in '74

Aug 15, 1979 - Tape of BTK call aired; police are hoping for ID

Jun 17, 1979BTK is back; intended victim gets poem

Feb 12, 1978 - Was girl 7th victim? Police seek connection

Feb 11, 1978 - Nancy Fox: Found slain Dec. 9, 1977

Feb 11, 1978 - City's 'BTK Strangler' claims he's killed 7

Jan 17, 1974 - Police baffled on motive in mass killing

January 1974 - Victims' children return home; clues sought

Jan 16, 1974 - Four in Wichita family found slain at home

Witnesses of 30 years ago failed to capture BTK's description

Otero murders suspect description BTK 1974

This Sketch was done after the Otero murders

Suspect was described  as white male, 5' 10" - 6', slender build, wearing a dark top coat or trench coat, dark shaggy hair cut below his ears, observed in front of the Otero residence at 8:45 a.m.  He is believed to be of foreign extraction.

Kevin Bright Suspect description


This Sketch was done after the Kathryn Bright murder, description given by her brother, Kevin Bright.

Suspect was described as a white male, 5' 10", stocky build, dark brown or black hair and a black moustache."

Hitchhiker sketch description


This Sketch is called the "Hitchhiker" sketch and it is generally considered to have a very weak connection to the case.

Suspect described by a woman is 20 to 22 years old, 5’ 5” – 5’ 7”, 130 lbs., dark brown, shoulder-length hair, a thin beard and minor acne.

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