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BTK Breaks his Silence:
Communications 2004 - 2005BTK Bill Thomas Killman envelope

BTK was silent for many years and thought to be dead, incarcerated, or to have moved away. In 2004, he started sending communications again much to everyone’s surprisebtk secret signature and chagrin. March 17, 2004, BTK sends his first communication to the Wichita Eagle -  a letter with a photocopy of Vicki Wegerle's driver's license and three pictures of the crime scene. It has a bizarre return addressee: Bill Thomas Killman. Communication 2 is received May 5th by KAKE-TV; a letter, word search puzzle, list of chapters - "The BTK Story" btk puzzle 2004copycatted from Crime Library’s chapters, photocopies of a badge and two ID cards from Southwestern Bell and the Wichita schools. The next communication is June 1; a letter about the Otero murders, not publicly released. Communication 4, July 17, is a letter left in the drop box at the Wichita Public Library - police have not revealed what was in this communication. Then, BTK left a manila envelope in a UPS drop box at the Omni Center in Wichita containing a letter, BTK's biography, pictures, and 'names’ on October 21st.

It appears he was frustrated that these were not becoming public.
In December, BTK called a 7-11 giving cereal box post toasties btk 2005directions to a package in Murdock Park, but police could not find it. It was found a week later by a man walking through the park. It contains a number of items but most bizarre was a PJ doll, circa 1969 –1985. The doll had a bag over its head & its hand and feet bound by panty hose. pjdoll pj BTK 2005There were five communication in early 2005 starting January 8, most notably a Post Toasties box (weighted with a brick on top, leaning against a road sign in the country), requests to place ads in the local paper to communicate, and a postcard with the addressee ‘Happ Kakemann’ (referring to a character thatkakeman BTK kake was once on KAKE-TV in the 70’s). The February 16 communication contained the infamous computer disk that helped lead to Dennis Rader.

BTK: 2004-2005 Communications

March 19, 2004 (postmarked 17th) Communication 1
btk mark 2004 communicationWichita Eagle receives a letter - photocopy of Vicki Wegerle's driver's license and three pictures of the crime scene. Return address: Bill Thomas Killman, 1684 S. Oldmanor. Some claim DNA & fingerprint info were on the communication.

May 5, 2004 (date received) Communication 2
KAKE- TV receives a letter from BTK - a word search puzzle/grids , list of chapters - "The BTK Story" an copycatted version of the Crime Library chapters, photocopies of a badge and two ID cards from a Southwestern Bell worker and a former employee of the Wichita schools. Return address: Thomas B. King, 408 Clayton St. (Rader lived at 6220 Independence, KAKE claims - Mar 2005 - that those house numbers appear in the puzzle near a sequence of letters, reversing the last two letters spells "drader" - look for yourself)

List of Chapters
  1. A Serial Killer is Born
  2. Dawn
  3. Fetish
  4. Fantasy World
  5. The Search Begins
  6. BTK Haunts
  7. PJ’s
  8. Mo-ID Ruse
  9. Kits
10. Treasured Memories
11. Final Curtain Call
12. Dusk
13. Will There Be More?

June 1, 2004 Communication 3
Police receive letter - writings about the Otero murders, not publicly released. It possibly contains details regarding the Otero murders.

July 17, 2004 Communication 4
Letter left in the drop box at the main branch of the Wichita Public Library. They have not revealed what the was in this communication.

October 21st Communication 5
Letter left in a UPS drop box at the Omni Center, 250 North Kansas St. - manila envelope containing BTK's biography, pictures, and 'names'.

December 13, 2004 Communication 6
Package left in Murdock Park found by a man walking through the park who called KAKE, KAKE photographed it and handed it over to police - driver's license of Nancy typical PJ doll circa 1969 1985 btk 2004Fox, 'Chapter List' from May with 1, 2, & 8 blank, pantyhose or Ace bandage (?), a PJ doll (circa 1969 to 1985 the doll had a bag over its head & its hand and feet bound by panty hose), a signature/symbol on a small piece of paper made from the letters BTK, and possibly other items. 'BTK' called a week earlier to a 7-11 giving directions to the package. but police could not find it at that time.

January 8, 2005 Communication 7
Directions are sent to KAKE in Communication 8. Police recovered this on January 26th. They have not revealed what the package contained or where it was recovered.

January 17, 2005 Communication 8
communication 8 btk 2006 kakePostcard sent to KAKE with the return address: S. Killett,Necklace btk january 2005 communications 803 N. Edgemoor — the home of the Otero family, directions to a Post Toasties Corn Flakes box, weighted with a brick on top, leaning against a road sign with contents: doll, Jewelry, acronym list.
communication 8 postcard 2005 btk
February 3, 2005 (received) Communication 9
Postcard sent to KAKE with the return address: Happ Kakemann and the address of the KAKE Studio.

February (?), 2005 Communication 10

February 16, 2005 Communication 11
Communication 11 Package KSAS postcard FOX NEWSPackage sent to KSAS/FOX NEWS Package containing the computer disk, necklace, postcards

DATE: By Post Mark or Deliver Date
TIME: Above
WHERE: To KSAS-Fox-Kansas
WHAT: Mailed Package to KSAS on the above date and times.
NOTES: Contains a Test Floppy for WPD review FLF-1
PS: #7 was the 1st Cearl Box S-K
#8 was the 2nd Cereal Box P-T.
#9 was KAKE message asking about # 7 and 8.

Communication # KSAS-FLF-1
Date: The Letters Deliver Date or Post Mark
Where: The KSAS-Fox-Kansas
Contents: New test floppy for WPD. C.4. The start of FWs.
Message: If they received and can read or understand the
floppy let me know by using section 600 in the newspaper.

KAKE is a good station, but I feel they are starting to be
single out, because of me, and causing problems among the
people. Let's help the news media and WPD by taking this
package as a start.

Business Issues: Section 600 XXX Adult talk, use a computer
link XXX Contact P.O. Box etc. etc. etc. or a similar message.
Run it in a week or two I will be out of town for a while.

PS: May want to use KSAS-FLF-1 as a Code# and Letters
from me [BTK] to you for Verification Codes to you.

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BTK Breaks his Silence: Communications 2004 - 2005


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