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Handwriting Experts Spot Liars and Forgeries by thier John Hancock. -   During National Handwriting Week, January 22nd-29th, Handwriting Experts nationwide are hoping people take a second look at their coworkers' handwriting to spot danger signs in advance.According to Curt Baggett, Head Instructor at Handwriting University's School of Forensic Document Examination, (Helping Young Brains Learn To Read More Easily With Multi-sensory Handwriting; Specialist Offers Free Lecture on March 18 -   Denver, CO (ContentDesk) March 12, 2006 -- Can reviving good old fashioned penmanship exercises avoid creating learning disabilities? Jeanette Farmer, one of only a few handwriting remediation specialists in America, claims, "It certainly can! Handwriting is brainwriting! Poor handwriting affects the ability to learn. I revived the old Palmer move...

Graphology - Reveal the Inner Personality & Talent of a Child -   

Graphology is the science of understanding the human mind through person's handwriting. When a person writes, the signal in the form of letters get decoded / printed on the paper by the fingers. Graphology aims at understanding & interpreting these signals through the writing. Using this we can know a persons mind so the thoughts, characte...

Fun New Handwriting Analysis Book "The Hand Behind The Word" From Author Jerral Sapienza Lights Up Audiences and Switchboards -   Eugene, OR January 18, 2005 -- National Handwriting Week is a good time to renew your interest in personality studies and psychology by sharing your handwriting with a couple friends then taking a look at a new study of handwriting analysis and the interesting reflection it offers."Even a string of numbers on an otherwise empty page tells a fairl...

Handwriting Analysis for Employment -   Handwriting Analysis for Employment There have been a lot of companies employing the use of Graphology or handwriting analysis, and it has helped these companies pin point the exact problems or potential problems of job applicants. Handwriting analysis can aid the human resources department of companies to hire the best job applicant for the job an...

Handwriting Analysis is Accurate, Survey says 81% Believe -   Los Angeles, CA (ContentDesk) January 21, 2006 -- Do-It-Yourself Handwriting Analysis website turns out to be more than a “game.” Users concur results are more than chance and insights surprisingly accurate. What’s more, the data collected from the users reveals surprising personality traits of the typical Internet user.

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There is probably no one that has such appreciation, thankfulness, and excitement from your teachings more than me. It motivates me to help others gain for the best of themselves. It's a shamethe whole world doesn't take your course, they don't know what they're missing"
-Daniel Arola, Houston, TX, Martial Arts Instructor

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I'm so grateful.
As a bonus, it has totally transformed my social life.
It's like being a superstar...
people just line up to talk to me!"
- Bob Woods, Houston, TX

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