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What Does your HandWriting Reveal ?


Who Else is Lying? National Handwriting Week Reveals Shady Characters Both Public and Private

According to Curt Baggett, Head Instructor at Handwriting University's School of Forensic Document Examination, "Even though handwriting analysis has been around for over 100 years, most people still see it as a way to spot forgeries and evaluate ransom notes. They don't realize it is such a fast and accurate tool for evaluating personality, self-improvement, and spotting troubled personalities around the office."As a simple test, anyone can look at their lower case "o" and it reveals a snapshot of how clearly they communicate with others. Just the direction and size of the inner loop reveals the tendency to either keep secrets, be blunt, be talkative, or even just tell a bold faced lie. If so much can be revealed from one letter, imagine what an expert can do with an entire page of writing! When I give an analysis, people swear I must be psychic or have been talking to their mother. Take a look a the lower case "o." Single loop - keeps small secrets.

No inner loop - blunt and candid. Double loops - run, don't walk to the nearest exit - big fat liar. If you see double loops, realize that these people believe telling the bold truth might make them look bad or hurt someone's feelings...so they will shade the truth - or just lie. Watch out for Double Loops.Here are some famous liars who's handwriting would be interesting to analyze. Do they have the lying loop? Bill Clinton, OJ Simpson, Martha Stewart, Ken Lay, Enron, Michael Jackson, Heidi FleissFor a visual sample of the letter "o," view this webpage: http://www.handwritingu.com/newslettersamples/deck/lettero.htmlCurt Baggett claims he is neither psychic, nor in cahoots with your mother.

Baggett is arguably the country's top forensic document examiner, while his son, Bart Baggett, is the most well-known handwriting analyst in the world. (He has appeared on CNN and Court TV multiple times and was featured in a recent USA Today article about corrupt CEOs.) Bart learned handwriting from his father when he was just 14 and now holds seminars from Los Angeles, CA to Bombay, India, teaching the skill to police departments and to the public. The younger Baggett explains, "When I was in my early twenties, I realized that handwriting analysis was an amazing tool for dating and getting to know people within minutes. It became more than just a hobby, it was a precise science people wanted to pay me to perform. Well, one thing led to another.

One book led to five books and now we run the largest training school in the world. I'm not sure I set out to teach the world to 'raise their t-bar' but as it turned out, thousands of people have taken my advice and changed their handwriting for the better."Baggett is referring to a controversial self-help technique called "Grapho-Therapy," which claims slight changes in the way you form a letter can directly affect areas of the brain and in-turn affect one's personality. Dozens of believer's testimonials are found at Baggett's website: http://handwritinguniversity.com. Although the scientific community still ignores such non-traditional approaches to personal therapy, the NLP and hypnosis community has adopted many of Baggett's techniques and he has found a following.Dr. Colbey Forman, Founder of Barron University http://baronuniversity.com/, has hired Bart Baggett as a Professor to train his doctoral level students in the science of handwriting analysis.

"Our university is designed to offer non-traditional approaches to healing and behavioral psychology. The evidence for Bart's methods are strong and most people need no more evidence than to watch him in action. Our students find the diagnosis techniques Bart teaches dead-on accurate and the application to personal development just as strong. He is a great addition to our curriculum." National Handwriting Week is celebrated around John Hancock's birthday (Jan 23, 1738). John Hancock was not known to be a student of Graphology, but does have one of the most famous signatures of all time.

Graphology associations have designated this week as the week to recognize the contributions that the dual sciences of graphology and forensic document examination have given to US society. For more extensive interviews about handwriting analysis, contact Bart Baggett of http://HandwritingUniversity.com . For an interview about forensic document examinations, contact Curt Baggett at http://expertdocumentexaminer.com. Or, visit this website to locate a local handwriting expert for your article: http://handwritingexperts.comOr, to schedule an interview via telephone, contact: Anita Sarkeesian at 949-981-110.






















There is probably no one that has such appreciation, thankfulness, and excitement from your teachings more than me. It motivates me to help others gain for the best of themselves. It's a shamethe whole world doesn't take your course, they don't know what they're missing"
-Daniel Arola, Houston, TX, Martial Arts Instructor

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