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What Does your HandWriting Reveal ?


Kids Attend College on the Merit of Their Mother's Handwriting.

Birmingham, AL (ContentDesk) January 22, 2006 -- Teresa DeBerry has three kids, a full-time job and lives on a dirt road outside Birmingham Alabama. Her closest neighbor spends his time searching for UFO's. Yet, thanks to her new career as a handwriting & forgery expert, her kid's college tuition is all but paid. John Hancock will always be her hero, because on his birthday, her life changed from legal secretary to court qualified document examiner. tdflag32.jpgWhen she heard Bart Baggett on the radio three years ago analyzing handwriting, Teresa DeBerry had no idea how significant that event would be in her life.

That day happened to be John Hancock's birthday, January 23rd. She remembers that fact because it was during National Handwriting Week - a week Teresa now marks on her own calendar. Baggett is one of America's most respected handwriting experts and authors.Teresa was immediately intrigued by the idea that handwriting could solve crimes and reveal inner personality secrets. Could handwriting examination be the key to her kids college fund? She didn't realize at first most handwriting experts earn over $1000 per day to testify in court and upwards of $100 per hour for her laboratory research.She visited Baggett's website (http://www.HandwritingU.com) and immediately enrolled into the two year home study & apprenticeship program to master the skill of determining forgeries and testifying as an expert witness.In the legal field, she heard the same quote dozens of times. "You're a handwriting expert.

Great! We need help with a forgery case." Teresa followed the advice of a local judge, who said there is a desperate need for court-qualified handwriting experts nationwide. Knowing her kids college tuition depended greatly on her ability to build a financially successful career, she made straight As, contacted local attorneys, and launched her website http://teresadeberry.com. She is now an entrepreneur, too.Now, Teresa DeBerry works from home, but travels throughout the Southeast solving forensic document cases as part of the nationwide alliance of document examiners called Handwriting Services International. (http://handwritingservicesinternational.com). Teresa's kids are a still a little young to be worried about college just yet.

At 7 (twins!), and 12 they have some time for their Mom to build a lucrative career as one of America's Top Handwriting Experts. Every case adds to her kids college fund. About Teresa DeBerryTeresa DeBerry is available for interviews and handwriting consultations. www.teresadeberry.com or calling 205-542-6301 About Bart BaggettBart Baggett is one of America's top handwriting experts, author of five books, and founder of Handwriting University's School of Forensic Document Examination (http://handwritingu.com) His Handwriting Analysis 101 is a best-seller worldwide (http://handwritinguniversity.com/products/101 ) Contact: Bart Baggett via 1-310-684-3489 Or visit the media page at http://www.myhandwriting.com/media
























There is probably no one that has such appreciation, thankfulness, and excitement from your teachings more than me. It motivates me to help others gain for the best of themselves. It's a shamethe whole world doesn't take your course, they don't know what they're missing"
-Daniel Arola, Houston, TX, Martial Arts Instructor

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"I read the cards for 10 minutes... and I got it. This course is so simple.
I'm so grateful.
As a bonus, it has totally transformed my social life.
It's like being a superstar...
people just line up to talk to me!"
- Bob Woods, Houston, TX

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