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What Does your HandWriting Reveal ?


Jekyll or Hyde? Which of Your Secrets Does Your Handwriting Reveal About You Today?

"Even a signature or a handwritten phone number starts to paint the picture of who we are," says handwriting expert Jerral Sapienza, author of "The Hand Behind The Word". A signature is your public view of self, a printed name is your private view of self. A phone number is a whole collection of micro views of the writer. Every digit has its own meaning and message." Sapienza presents programs and trainings about handwriting and its many messages in a variety of venues, from churches to high schools to Fortune 500 company boardrooms. He has been fascinated with handwriting since childhood, speaking to audiences for years in a variety of roles, as teacher, project manager, business consultant and chaplain.

"There's much more to our handwriting than most people realize. Our handwriting automatically updates with its daily story of who we are." Sapienza says, "In fact: You can't change your handwriting without changing your life, and you can't change your life without changing your handwriting. It's all linked." "The Hand Behind The Word": Handwriting Analysis Jaqs Style (LLX Press, $16.95, 256 pgs) is a fascinating tour guide to your life which will have you peeking ahead just to see what else it already knows about you. Filled with illustrations and easy to read descriptions as well as stories about the history and development of handwriting "The Hand Behind The Word" is a treasure trove of information for beginning or experienced analysts of all ages, easily accessible to anyone from middle school students to senior citizens. Crossing generational bounds, it has entire families comparing notes and sharing experiences of their discoveries and theories.

"The Hand Behind The Word" is a rich resource on handwriting analysts, especially its material on the digits and numbers in handwriting, perhaps the single most common form of handwriting. Something we've not seen in any other book on handwriting, the digits section is presented clearly and thoroughly. Even longtime handwriting analysts will nod and wonder why they hadn't thought to look at these things before. The flagship standards for handwriting analysis-- Relationship, Business, Sociology and Psychology-- are all covered here, too. But along with the material on digits in handwriting, "The Hand Behind The Word" is also unique is its inclusion of chapters on Ethics and Values, Symbology and Archetypes and its Jekyll and Hyde chapter on Saints and Criminals.Also available is The Hand Behind The Word's companion guide, JAQS Handwriting Samples Collection Booklet (LLX Press, $4.95, 48 pgs), a workbook to collect samples of your own or anyone's handwriting whom you wish to better understand.

This handy resource is the research and data collector for your more in depth handwriting studies. It holds 40 of the unique "JAQS" (Just A Quick Sample) entries, the standardized research and collection format for handwriting which can be easily compared across writers, over time and without regard to handwritten language or culture.As to figuring out if you're Jekyll or Hyde today, "The Hand Behind The Word" may not spell it out for you directly. But no doubt you'll come away with a much deeper appreciation for the fabric and textures of your personality which show up and fluctuate within your handwriting. Media Reviewers, Talk Show Hosts, Segment Producers and Event Planners may contact LLX Press to request a copy for media review or to schedule an appearance, on-air interview, program or event.The Hand Behind The Word: Handwriting Analysis JAQS Style ISBN 0-971-71073-2 $16.95, 5.5" x 8.5", 256 pages. JAQS Handwriting Samples Collection Booklet ISBN 0-971-71076-7 $4.95, 4.25" x 5.5", 48 pages.

Both books are from LLX Press Books: http://WWW.LLX.COM/Books/ 541.345-852.






















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