Learn Handwriting Analysis In Just 10 Minutes a Day.

A Special Report by Bart Baggett

special report about analyzing handwriting


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Chapter One – In 10 Minutes or Less!


Is it really possible to learn to analyze handwriting in just 10 minutes a day? It depends on how fast you read and how good you are at following directions. The truth is, you can start analyzing handwriting right now, in the next one minute, just with a sample of handwriting and comparing that writing with a few of the Grapho-Deck Flash Cards. If you see a match, “viola”! You are analyzing handwriting.


Along with this little booklet, you’ll find a deck of cards called the Grapho-Deck. This is absolutely my best selling product of all time. Basically, they are flash cards for learning handwriting analysis.


I remember the trouble I had memorizing and learning the multiplication table in 3rd grade. 6 x 2 = 12, 6 x 3 = 18, 9 x 4 = 36. I’ll admit it; this was the most difficult part of elementary school. But, thanks to my Mom’s patience and the multiplication flash cards, I finally memorized all the variations of the multiplication tables. To this day, I still remember them. Just like math, once your commit these 51 simple handwriting traits to memory, you will know them the rest of your life.


This short booklet and these well crafted handwriting flash cards will make people think you are a handwriting expert. You will not be an expert. You will be like a level one Spanish speaker asking for directions to the bus station in a foreign country. For all your friends who don’t speak the language, you are a genius. For any native speaker, you are a rookie who mispronounces every word and uses the wrong verb tense wherever possible. You are a rookie. But, in all fairness, you will find the bus station.


So, as magical as these cards are, you might have the inclination to think you think actually know a little bit more about this science than you really do. Be humble. There is a lot more to learn. The person you will be analyzing will assume you know much, much more than you are telling them, and they might find our powerful insight mysterious, attractive, and brilliant. This is just one of the benefits of this course. People will find you more interesting.


Now I used to believe it was impossible to train somebody (with no prior experience) to do handwriting analysis in 10 minutes or less, but I was wrong. I’m going to tell you what changed my mind.


My crazy friend Ross. Ross came by my house one day in Malibu, California, during my last year of college. At that time, I had just finished publishing this product called The Grapho-Deck. This was over 20 years ago when the cards were printed on gray cardstock and cut into rectangles by hand, most were crooked and they even had typos. Yikes! (I think those are collector’s items, now.)


Ross said, “That handwriting thing you do is pretty cool. How long would it take me to learn how to do it? ” I leaned back and in my most arrogant tone of voice I told him I had been studying for years, studied in France and Spain and was even “certified.” So, it may take him months…even years to get up to speed.


“Well I don’t think you’re that smart, and if you can do it… so can I.


Let me see that deck of cards.” He says, “This is great, can I borrow this?” And I said, “Sure.” So he takes the cards, turns around, heads for the door and says, “Thanks, I’ll call you.”


Ross calls me the next day, “Bart, this is the most incredible thing. You’ve got to come down and see this.” I respond, “What are you talking about?”


“Come over ASAP. I’ll buy dinner.” He hangs up.


So I drive down to Marina Del Rey and we go the California Pizza Kitchen. (A trendy little restaurant which is famous among Southern Californians). We walk in the door and two beautiful waitresses come running over to him and say, “Ross, Ross, Ross, you’re the handwriting guy, you’ve got to do my handwriting. And would you pppleeease do my girlfriend’s?” They both smiled eagerly from ear to ear and Ross says, “Of course, just bring me a pen.” I hear giggles and then they skip away to look for a pen.


I looked at Ross and thought, wait a minute, “I’MTHE HANDWRITING GUY!” Just yesterday, he didn’t know a t-stem from a tree stem. What gives? Besides, the attention he was getting was making me a little jealous. You see, Ross isn’t the best looking guy in the world. In fact, I have heard him say about himself, “I would consider myself average, with a slight tilt toward ugly.”


As the green was leaving my face, the waitresses returned. I ask her why she is so excited. Kelly, blonde and bubbly, says, “Yesterday, he looked at my writing, and he knew things about me that NO-ONE knows, not even my best friend. Ross knows me better than ANYONE. He’s amazing.”


Kelly and her friend were enamored, totally in a trance when Ross talked to them. They thought they had finally met someone who understood them. During the next 20 minutes, our table looked like a piranha feeding frenzy. Every worker in the restaurant, male and female, came over to join the fun.


And I said, “Ross, what’s going on? How in the world did you learn … are you making stuff up?” He said, “The Grapho-Deck. I used that deck of cards and now they think I’m an expert.” He pulled the deck from his pocket, “I took some handwriting. I would compare the trait on the card with the trait in the writing and ‘Boom,’ it was a piece of cake. This is the best way to meet women I’ve ever seen. Thanks!”


I rolled my eyes and realized I had created a monster. I didn’t set out to give single men a tool to attract women. I didn’t set out to give women a quick tool to screen for jerks when dating. I didn’t set out to give employers a super fast tool to screen applicants. The Grapho-Deck just happens to do all the above and more for users around the world.


That scene was pretty funny. It taught me two important lessons. Number one, you don’t need to be an expert to understand the basics of handwriting analysis. (Obviously if you’re going to use this tool to screen your employees, incorporate grapho-therapy, or make decisions about your love life, you’re going to want to learn some advanced material.)


Number two, the second thing I learned from Ross was that handwriting analysis is a social magnet. It’s just plain fun.


Ross’ intention was never to be a professional handwriting analyst, like your intention may be. Some of you will go on to become certified and make $400 or more per hour analyzing handwriting; perhaps even become famous from commenting on personality on the radio or on TV shows like I did for the past two decades. Ross’ intention was merely to get attention and create an emotional connection with people.


This little deck of cards will get you more attention then any amount of money you spend on clothes, drinks, nose jobs, or flashing a wad of $100 bills. In fact, if you don’t recoup your investment in free drinks or desserts within one night out on the town, you are simply too shy to talk to the waiter or waitress.


The fact remains that people are, you see, enthralled with handwriting because they love it when you talk about them. A person’s name is the sweetest word in the English language.


Open the Grapho-Deck Cards and hold them in your hands as you read the rest of this manual so you can learn some of the individual traits that will make you as popular as fresh cold iced tea on a hot summer Georgia afternoon.


This little deck will help you master the first 51 traits in handwriting analysis. There are more, but these 51 are a great starting point. Plus, if you want to get tons of practice and be the center of attention everywhere you go… bring the cards with you. Eventually, you will memorize the cards and you won’t need them. But, unlike flash cards in 3rd grade, this is not a test. There will be no penalty for breaking out the flash cards when analyzing handwriting. In fact, showing people the flash cards actually engages them and they give you more credibility, because you are using a published credible tool… and you are admitting you are “just learning”. This gives you lots of room to make mistakes and be curious about what is “right on”, “wrong”, or “embarrassingly correct.”


Ross never pays for coffee anymore. At the restaurant, the staff always buys his coffee and usually his dessert. He’s their favorite person because he cares about them. This phenomenon doesn’t just happen with Ross or me. Most of my students tell me it’s true. Bob Woods had the same experience as Ross did.


“I read the cards for 15 minutes…and I got it. I’m so grateful. It has totally transformed my social life. It’s like being a superstar…people just line up!”

- Bob Woods, Houston, TX


Now I began to wonder, “Maybe Ross is just a genius. Maybe he’s just really quick and can memorize all these traits.” Well he is a quick study. But what he said to me was this, “It’s so simple that a fourteen year old could do it.”


And I thought to myself, “Wow, that’s exactly how old I was when I was first exposed to handwriting analysis.” If today is the first day that you are exposed to it, this day will stick out in your mind the rest of your life. Because you will use this tool the rest of your life and it will make a difference.


If you have ever heard me speak live, you might have heard this story. However, it is true and sets the stage of a lifetime of handwriting analysis for me. When I was fourteen years old I was on my way to summer camp in East Texas, USA. My Dad leaned over and said, “Hey, write down a sample of your handwriting. Here’s a pen.” And I said, “Dad, what in the world for? What do I write?” And he said, “Write anything, it doesn’t matter. I’m going to tell you all about your personality.”


I said, “Well what in the world does my handwriting have to do with my personality?” He said, “Just write and I’ll tell you in a minute.” So I wrote my little sentence, “The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.” And I gave it to him. And he said, “You know Bart, you’re extremely stubborn, you care entirely too much about what people think about you. You are…”


The rest is history.


He described my entire personality in detail: some of my biggest fears, my biggest motivations. He told me things about myself that I didn’t even know. And I thought, as a parent, he probably knew some of that stuff, anyway. But what he did was shape my destiny. He said, “Look, here’s this little book by my friend Dr. Ray Walker. Flip to the back. There you will find a trait dictionary. All you have to do is go into camp, ask people for a sample of their handwriting, go back to your bunk, analyze the sample of their handwriting with the sample shown in the book, and when you’ve got a match…voila, you will really impress them.”


Not only was it simple enough for a fourteen year old to understand, but the adults were flabbergasted. I simply took people’s handwriting sample, went back to the cot in my cabin and I compared the strokes in their writing to the strokes on the page. Did it work? Absolutely; better than I ever imagined.


As you might recall, when you’re fourteen years old you don’t really date, you “go together.” I ended up holding hands with the prettiest girl in camp and I was everyone’s best friend. But the best thing happened the last day of the camp after I had analyzed just about everyone. I stood up on the wooden stage, in front of the whole camp under the East Texas pine trees and I did my first public live analysis of the camp director. I said he was sympathetic, sensitive and terribly unorganized. They knew I was right. Later that day, I was awarded a trophy for “Best Camper.”


Me? Lil ol’ me? I was just a little scrawny punk.


“Best Camper?” Why was that? It was because of the law of reciprocity. Because I gave something to them, they want to give back to me. It’s human nature. Everybody felt that I knew and understood them at a very personal level. I was doing something nice for them — I was analyzing their handwriting. I was taking a sincere interest in who they really were. And the funny thing was…they were right. For the first time, I understood people and didn’t judge them. I just accepted them for who they were. I was a better person. I matured that week because I judged less and because I had the ability to understand people at the deepest levels.


I got started with just a trait dictionary and a stack of handwriting samples from fellow campers. Now my Dad wasn’t a certified expert. My Dad had just started to analyze handwriting, so when I got back from summer camp, we began taking Dr. Walker’s course together. This was back in 1983 when Dr. Walker was teaching night classes in North Dallas, TX. (Dr. Walker was working as a forensic handwriting expert and Grapho-therapist. He passed away in 1994.) Now, through the magic of DVD’s, audio recordings, e-books, books, tele-classes and the Internet, students are able to take courses from any country in the world. We are not limited to a live class to master this material.


Since I hosted my first live “Handwriting Analysis Certification Level Course” in 1995, we have grown to a worldwide organization in countries worldwide. Students can now listen to seminars and classes while they drive to work or exercise. If you are interested, there are even monthly live tele-classes as part of our membership training institute at: www.HandwritingUniversity.com.


Actually, Dr. Walker’s certification level textbook is so good; we even use it in our current handwriting analysis home study course. And that’s a real honor, because he was a brilliant man. Our “certification students” can study the exact same textbook that I did. Naturally, we’ve updated it and I’ve added my own twists and experiences to the rest of the course through other books and DVDs. Nonetheless, maybe you can get your own “Best Camper” trophy too!


Now when I was really young and just analyzing handwriting, I never intended to be famous, do radio and TV shows, or to make over $350 an hour. It never crossed my mind. (I dreamed it, but through handwriting?) I did handwriting analysis because it was fun and for the first time in my life, I understood why I behaved the way I did.


I understood why other people behaved the way they did too, and instead of being angry because someone didn’t talk to me or because someone was mean to me, I had empathy and sympathy for them.


Why? Because if someone had a big loop in their “d,” I knew that they were sensitive to criticism. And that at some point they felt that they were being criticized and their defense was to lash out and be defensive. And it really changed my life because I can now understand and really affectionately care about others, without holding my ego on my sleeve and worrying about my tender pride.

Chapter Two: Grab Your Cards

If you would… open it up, slide them out. Notice there are about 50 cards. Look under “s”, sensitive to criticism; you’ll find that card there.



On this card, notice there’s a big loop in the ‘d’ and note there’s a little green arrow that points right to the ‘d’. And it says, “shown by the large looped stem in the lower case ‘d’ or ‘t’, this person is extremely sensitive to criticism.” If you have this loop, you may want to consider getting some grapho-therapy and learning what to change about this part of your handwriting to make that fear disappear. And now that you’ve opened the deck, let’s get familiar with it because it’s going to be your best friend for the next few days as you learn the cards. If you look closely, there’s one card that says “instructions.”


Are you with me? The Instruction Card is a condensed version of this booklet. I’m going to outline a little bit of what that card says, but this manual in your hand is an extension of those simple instructions with some true stories thrown in for color. Furthermore, this booklet explains exactly how to do it in just a short amount of time.


The Instruction Card is simple. It says, “Analyzing handwriting is as simple as playing the children’s card game where you spread out all 52 cards on the table and you turn the cards over and you look for a match.” It really is that simple.


Now I want you to note that in this Grapho-Deck there are 54 total cards; 51 of them have personality traits on the cards. I’ve had a few anal retentive customers count all the cards and say, “Where’s my missing card?” Lighten up.


Well, there are 51 of them printed with traits because we’ve used 3 of them for instructions, a Free Special Report coupon, and copyright information. You may want to go ahead and read these cards now, jump on-line today and order your other Free Reports. They will be instantly e-mailed to you from our website located at http://myhandwriting.com/reports


You can choose from such titles as:


  • Do you write like a self-made millionaire?
  • How Changing Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life (for adults and to improve kid’s grades & self-esteem).
  • The Secrets To Creating Chemistry Using NLP (ideal if you are single and looking for love).
  • How to Earn $100 Per Hour or More Analyzing Handwriting in your Spare Time.

(These reports are only available to internet users… we do not send these reports out via snail mail. If you don’t have access to the Internet, you can’t get the free reports. Sorry.)

Now back to the cards. Notice the first card is called Aggressive. I’m not going to go through each and every card with you because it’s so simple, but I would like to point out some of the basic features of the Grapho-Deck.



On the card Aggressive; notice there are 2 green arrows and they’re pointing toward the bottom of the letters. This trait is shown by a hard right up-stroke that replaces the lower loops.


So, to use the Grapho-Deck effectively, you simply look where the arrows are pointing and then read the direction and the description of the stroke. The first sentence always reveals the location, so that you can specify and localize the stroke in the handwriting. The second or third sentence describes the behavior. “The aggressive person pushes forward into the future, asserting himself physically. Often this person needs physically aggressive outlets such as competitive sports or even violence.”


So that’s the way you do it. One of the biggest mistakes you might make is just to glance at the handwriting and say, “None of that looks like my handwriting.” Well it’s because you’re looking at the overall what I call “ness”, the overall “bigness,” “smallness,” and “messiness.” That’s not scientific handwriting analysis; that is psychic ability and we don’t do that. And by the way, if someone asks you to do “a reading” say, “I’m not a psychic. I do handwriting analysis.”

As you become more experienced, the “ness” of handwriting can give you valuable clues, but wait until you have more experience before you pretend to be Dr. Gestalt. (Complex personality characteristics, like ethics, are covered in detail in the “Certification Level” course.)


So what you do is look at the individual strokes and very quickly you will begin to memorize them, but if you’re not “Mr. Mega Memory”, don’t worry. Take your cards with you, go in the restaurant or go find the handwriting sample. Spread them out on the table and you have an instant dictionary at your fingertips.


More Grapho-Deck Tips


I have a few other tips that you may want to use. The cards are printed in alphabetical order and as you begin to get familiar with them you will want to keep them in alphabetical order. This will be a difficult task because they are so small and slick. If you get them out of order you will have a hard time finding the trait that you want.


So my suggestion is that you take a hole-puncher and punch a hole in the upper left or right hand corner of the deck. Then take a key ring and loop through those holes. Now you have all 51 cards right there on the key ring and they never get out of order. The ring takes the fun away from people surrounding you like bees on a flower, grabbing all your cards, running around the room, while laughing and “hootin and hollerin,” (that’s in quotes ‘cause I’m from Texas, that’s “hootin and hollerin,” you can quote me.) Anyway, the ring trick will keep those cards in order and keep individual cards from getting lost.


How to get free drinks anywhere you go.


Just like the American Express card’s advertising slogan says,

“Don’t leave home without it.”


Take your Grapho-Deck; put it in your purse, (or your pocket.) Every time you go into a restaurant or bar tell the waiter to bring you a sample of handwriting when he has time. You’ll analyze his handwriting for free.


And he’ll say, “What?” And you say, “Yeah, you heard me right. Just write down a sentence for me.” Don’t ask them…tell them. Assume they will play along and they usually will.


After they write down the sentence, you give them a “quickie” analysis and then say “I tell you what…if I’m right on the next five traits, you‘ve got to give me a free dessert, but if I miss, no big deal — I’ll give you an extra big tip.” (I’ll tell you more about “quickies” in a minute.)


And that’s the deal to get free coffee or dessert. Just analyze their handwriting and I guarantee you 9 times out of 10 they’ll give you a free dessert if they can. Every once in a while, they’ll sit down and join you at the table. It’s amazing how this happens. They just spill their guts! I’ve had the waitress sit down next to me when I was on a date. That was a little uncomfortable for my date and I!


It’s A Magical Thing That Happens


After experimenting with handwriting analysis for a little while, I realized it was very accurate and people had an amazingly magical response to me when I began talking about them. All of a sudden, I had a lot more friends than I used to and people would spend 20 or 30 minutes talking to me at a party instead of just 2 or so minutes. It was phenomenal what happened when they felt like I understood them. I was still a teenager when I realized, “Wow, this isn’t just a game, this is really serious.”


The book, “The Celestine Prophecy” says that there are no random events. I was doing this “handwriting thing” at a restaurant one night and I guess it was my destiny that a nice man leaned over and said to me, “Young man, I’m having a bar mitzvah for my little boy next week and I would like for you to come and analyze handwriting for entertainment.”


And it hit me like a ton of bricks, “This could make some money. This could make a career for me.”


“Well, what night is it?”

He said, “Friday.” I confirmed, “OK.”


I was just 16 years old, but I was going to negotiate. I said,

“How much do you want to pay?”

He says, “I’ll pay you $100 an hour.”

I looked at him and I said, “Mr., it’s a deal.”

(Some negotiation, huh?)


So the next week I showed up with my pen in hand, some pieces of paper, and he had a card table ready for me with a little sign that said handwriting analysis. I left that evening on top of the world.


Not only did I have $200 cash in my pocket, but I was the hit of the party. I had a line for my table, at least 20 people deep, waiting to hear about what insights I had about them. It was phenomenal. And you know what? People didn’t think I was a psychic, they didn’t think it was just a parlor trick. They didn’t even question my age.


After my brief analysis, they said things like, “Thank you so much, I really learned something, I feel good about myself, etc.” Wow! After that night, I got some business cards printed. I realized, “Hey! I’m 16 years old and I’m in business.” Well, it’s not that hard to make money.


I should point out that by this time I was almost certified. I had taken all the classes, read all the textbooks, finished the written tests and I had performed hundreds of analyses. SoI really was qualified as a professional. All that was left to do was take the “verbal exam” by Dr. Walker, (which a few months later, by the way, I passed with flying colors). The lesson here is: Don’t go out and charge money with just the basic knowledge from the Grapho-Deck in your head.


You simply don’t know enough; there is so much you need to know before you can call yourself a professional. I will remind you of the analogy to learning a foreign language, which I mentioned on the first page of this book. The Grapho-Deck cards represent 51 essential vocabulary words in a new language. With 51 key words, you might be able to get a taxi, ask for the bathroom, or order a meal. However, you will not be able to watch a movie, read a newspaper, or hold a meaningful conversation in that foreign language. Research indicates that you need to know over 16,000 words in a foreign language to be considered fluent. However, if you know the correct 200 words, you can be “travel proficient.” Handwriting analysis is like a foreign language. There are levels of fluency, which might take years to master. The average person doesn’t mind if you flub a past tense or present tense when ordering dinner. You have to learn to the idea of context in language, as you must in graphology. A person’s fears and motivation are contextual, so as you learn more, you will begin to stack traits and become more fluent in understanding people.


For example, at this point, you may not even know the significance of the size of the writing, or the 5 different slants. Is the temper offset by self-control? Can you have a fear of success and a fear of failure in the same writer? Can a large ego and vanity propel someone to succeed despite his low self-esteem?


There are many nuances that are not complicated, but they are definitely beyond the scope of the Grapho-Deck and this special report. (The original draft of the Grapho-Deck had 71 cards, but the manufacturer could only print 54 per deck…so I had to omit some traits and hope that you read my other books and listen to my CD’s and DVD’s to learn them.) The Level 201 course reveals 99 traits and the advanced mastery course takes you up to over 150 traits. Remember, one step at a time.


Currently, I am the director of HandwritingUniversity.com, the most successful handwriting training school in the world. We have students in over 17 countries learning this skill via our correspondence course. If you find yourself curious about how easy it is to learn more, take a moment and jump onto the Internet and check out our special discount pages that give you special discounts on the home study courses:




Don’t let your appetite for knowledge grow too strong before you check out our other courses. Many students find the benefits of learning this science multiply in surprising ways. Don’t be surprised if you get so hooked on analyzing handwriting that you continue to ask people for handwriting samples into your ripe old age of 90.


Chapter Three:

More Uses You Never Thought Of….

Never be an outsider at a party again.

You know when I was younger, I really was an outsider. My parents moved around a lot and although I always had an outgoing personality, I was not particularly popular. I was never in the “in crowd.” But when I started doing the handwriting thing, no matter where I went, if I started doing handwriting analysis, people would come over to me and introduce themselves. So try this at home.


Take out the Grapho-Deck, go out to a place with strangers (restaurant, a party, bar, etc.) and just start talking to one or two people who are willing to have their handwriting analyzed. Chances are, they will go get everyone they know and bring them over to meet you. Since waiters and waitresses must talk to you, start with them.


When you’re looking to meet someone special, you will notice how easy it becomes using the Grapho-Deck. It beats wandering around the party hoping you can make small talk or say “Hey. What’s your sign?” People will literally line up to talk to you! They will walk around the place and bring people back to meet you. And after the first few analyses, you could say the price of an analysis is one drink. Say, “You have to buy me a drink if I’m going to do this for you.” Be careful with this technique though; you might get pretty sloshed before the evening is done!


The truth is I loved being the center of attention. It was a lot of fun and I always ended up being friends or dating the people I wanted to, because they got to know me in a very informal non-assertive way. It is the best ice-breaker on the planet. If you are not single, buy a Deck for your single friends and teach them how to use it to meet someone special.


People dig this stuff!


So if you are single, this could be the most effective tool you ever discover to meet new people. In fact, there is just one other catalog where you can buy these cards. It’s a mail order catalog that caters just to single men. They buy them for the sole purpose of breaking the ice and understanding women.


I think it’s just phenomenal because it was never my intention to create a deck of cards to pick up women, but that’s what it has become to some people. It can be used that way and of course, many women use it to meet guys, also. If you’re single, that’s one way you can make good use of this little investment you’ve made. (Just remember to invite me to the wedding.)


By the way, these cards are such a hit; you can buy them by the dozen for gifts and presents. They are only $8 each when you buy them for gifts in quantities of 12 or more. (Order early for the Holidays at http://graphodeck.com or call our office for larger bulk discounts.)


How handwriting changed my life.

I mentioned earlier that I learned this when I was very young and it made a big difference in how people reacted to me. But what I didn’t mention was the huge effect the grapho-therapy had on my personality. I began to realize that by changing your handwriting you really can change who you are!


Now, of course, when I was 16 years old I was not educated enough to know that this was totally silly. In other words, I didn’t have all these beliefs about what was “possible” and what was “impossible.” These beliefs can be very limiting. You may know a lot of these people…maybe educated in traditional psychology or even well meaning adults that think they “know what’s possible.”


When, in fact, they have no idea what’s possible because they’re so educated, they’re stuck in their own way of thinking and they think they already know everything. Well luckily, I was a teenager and I was too naive to know that you couldn’t just change your handwriting and change your personality. So I just did it; I changed my handwriting.


And within 30 days I noticed I felt more confidence, I could talk to people who I didn’t talk to before, and my grades went from B’s up to A’s. Over the next year, all kinds of great things happened.


Why was that? Because my self-esteem was really higher and it was all because of the technique called Grapho-therapy. If you have children, or if you are a child (which we all are kind of like children in our own way), then you owe it to yourself to really use the science of Grapho-therapy on yourself. A few small changes in your handwriting can make you feel different. You will act differently and you can achieve the kind of success you’ve always dreamed of.


I don’t think that I’m “Mr. Success.” But I’ll tell you a secret, if I hadn’t met Dr. Walker and learned what handwriting traits to change, my life would be very different. I don’t think I would have graduated from Pepperdine University, published my first book and appeared on national TV by the time I was 23 years old. As my life unfolded, I found a great relationship, built a career as a document examiner, and even lived my dream of acting in many real Hollywood movies.


Now how did I accomplish all that? Because I was the best handwriting expert in the country? Great looking? Lucky? No. At that time I was good; I had studied for years, but it was because I had made decisions that few others with my skills had ever made. I had the confidence to pursue my goals and did not get stuck in the fear of the “What if I fail?” syndrome.


I have failed many, many times. I believe that because I changed key traits in my handwriting when I was young, I have attempted and continue to attempt things most people never attempt to do. And because some part of my brain believes I can be successful, I continue to take such risks. And, sometimes I am successful. Over the past 20 years, I have lived a life of extraordinary activities… I can contribute most of these successes to the changes I made in my own belief systems and myself. Handwriting was one key to those changes.


If any of you are reading these words right now, with unfulfilled dreams in the back of your mind… listen up. If you even hear that inner voice tell you such things as, “Well…if I only had an education, if I only had more money, if I only had parents that…” “Get over it!” You’re only holding yourself back through a fear of failure and limiting beliefs. It can all be changed through grapho-therapy if you learn exactly what to do.


Because of the outstanding results with children, I recently published a 30 Day Workbook just for kids, grades 2-6. It’s called “How to Raise Your Child’s Grades, Self-Esteem, and Confidence.” It is not available in bookstores, but it comes as part of our Standard Home Study Course or you can visit the website to order. (I even sell these books at wholesale prices in quantities of 20 or more to ANY elementary school teacher who wants to use it in her classroom.) If you have kids of this age, please get this workbook!




Also, I have written a book called “Success Secrets of the Rich and Happy”, which contains over 434 pages of insights into how to manifest more money, success, or abundance in your life. If you are interested in other tools, in addition to handwriting analysis, this book should be your next reading assignment.



Success Secrets of the Rich & Happy! by Bart Baggett

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Chapter Four: It May Surprise You How Valid the Science of Handwriting Analysis Really Is


When I first started learning handwriting analysis, I had no idea that it was at least a 100 year old science. In fact, some of the first books date back to the year 1552. I just knew it worked.

In the last one hundred years, the researchers have sifted through the theories and now agree on the 100+ universal traits. (The Grapho-Deck only reveals 51 traits). These traits are the same in English, Italian, French and even the strokes are very similar in Hebrew and Russian. It’s the same in every language because it’s not handwriting at all…it’s brain writing!


Of course, I’ve only been doing this a little over two decades, but there are some people who have been doing it professionally for over 30 years. Phyllis Mattingly, who you will learn about in the 401 Deluxe Home Study Course, started when she was 50 years old. Before she passed away at age 80, she was one of the country’s most respected analysts, and made almost six figures a year doing it, too! Phyllis and I recorded five hours of interviews about the process of earning $100 or more analyzing handwriting. Order the Silver Marketing Course and you can hear it in her own words. I charge $350 per hour now, but most students charge $60-$200 per hour once they are certified.


Corporations Worldwide Are Using It


I recently saw a TV news story about the credibility of handwriting analysis, (I think it was NBC’s Nightline). They said, “6,000 Corporations in the US now screen all their employees with the help of a handwriting analyst.” That is pretty amazing considering most of those professional analysts charge about $200 to $250 per written analysis. And The Wall Street Journal stated that in the country of France, over 80% of the top 500 companies use handwriting analysis to screen prospective employees. I’ve been to France, and met the analysts…it is true

Now, I have charged that much, but usually I just charge by the hour. But, I’m kind of lazy, so I don’t like to type when I can just talk. So people usually fax me 3 or 4 samples and I get on the phone with them for 20 minutes and I charge them $150 or so. Anyway, it’s pretty good money considering I could be working a “real job”. (I teach in considerable detail the various ways to make money in the 401 Marketing Course. I also teach you step-by-step and even give you a computer program to do comprehensive written analysis.)


Police Catch Criminals


Screening prospective employees is really only one of many ways you can make money with this. I’ve seen many different applications. A student called me recently and told me one of his very best friends, a detective, was trained by his police force to analyze handwriting. Only a very select few of the police force got to go to this intense 6 week boot camp. What they were teaching was criminal patterns in handwriting. So when they got handwriting samples of suspects; (suicide notes, ransom notes, and signatures, etc.) they could get inside their minds, because really, in criminal behavior, understanding a criminal’s mind was the most important piece to predicting their next move.


Handwriting Analysis very often helps solve cases. So the police department is one institution that has been using it for years. The home study course includes handwriting samples of murderers, thieves, and politicians for you to study and learn these same patterns.


Forgery detection is a very different field. You can also be trained to become a court qualified forensic document examiner and earn $300 per hour or more detecting forgeries. The training is intense, but you graduate with an active career as a “document examiner.” Learn more about that training program here:




Customs and Intelligence Agents


Another story that interested me was from the US Customs Service. One of my graduating students called me recently and told me she saw a story on TV. The reporter said, “The Customs agent in Miami Florida who caught the most drug smugglers owed his entire success to the science of handwriting analysis.” And she thought, wait a minute, how can handwriting analysis catch drug smugglers?


Well, when you enter this country, you have to “declare” whatever you have on your person. So this sly agent would just take the declaration slips and look at the handwriting. If the handwriting revealed he was an unethical scumbag, he would pull them aside and check their bags extra carefully.


Of course he used other clues that they’re trained in: what a person looks like, or what they, you know… smell like, what origin they are, what kind of bags they’re carrying, eye-movements, etc. Statistically, this man had the highest percentage of arrests of any agent. He was over 50% more successful than the number two agent. He said about his success rate, “I owe it all to handwriting analysis. I can tell instantly through their handwriting which ones are shady characters.” So you can always have a job with the Customs Department if you choose to do so.


I’ve even heard recently that it was used during the Vietnam War during interrogation. They would look at a person’s handwriting sample before they would interrogate them and find out if the prisoner had a proclivity to lie or be deceitful or exactly how to get to ’em. I don’t encourage that particular use and I’ve never used it to interrogate anyone, but I have been accused of holding it against them if their “t-bars” were too sharply pointed. (See the Sarcasm card.)


Chapter Five: The Quickie

Three Steps to Instantly Analyze Handwriting


I have borrowed the term “Quickie” from my dear elderly mentor, Phyllis Mattingly. It is a real sight to see an 80 year old, six foot two, silver haired woman lean over to a stranger on an airplane and say “I’ll give you a QUICKIE for ten bucks. What do you say, handsome?” She winks. (True story)

I don’t suggest you begin doing Quickies for money just yet. Work up to that. I suppose it is economics. I have performed a lot more Quickies than Phyllis, but she has cashed a LOT more ten dollar checks over the years than I have. You could learn a lot from Phyllis.


When you ask for a sample of handwriting, one of the first things they will say is, “What do I write? And you say, “Ah, dduhhh, well…” That’s your first reaction, but what you should say is your preconceived sentence that you always say so you never forget. I have two sentences that I usually have them write and you‘re welcome to use them at your leisure. Copyright not enforced.


“The purple people eater at the zoo said, “You and your silly monkey go home.”


And they all look at me like I’m crazy and then bust out laughing, and they say, “OK, the purple…people…” and they write it. And from that sentence I have their undivided attention and…lots of free information. I have “t’s.” I have “p’s.” I have “y’s.” I have “o’s”. I have all the important letters I need. That’s always a fun sentence.


If you’re in a hurry, just have them write:


You and your silly monkey don’t go home to the zoo.”


And one of my favorite sentences, which I’ve just started using on radio shows, is:

“Am I crazy, or are you the mental one?”


The first reason I use this is I like to have the capital letter “I,” because I get to look at the size of their ego; obviously the bigger the “I,” the larger their sense of self.


And another great aspect of the letter “I” is it reveals the current relationship status with their parents. The cards don’t reveal the “I” thing, but the Home Study Course does go into detail about the parents and which one indicates the relationship problems. It’s really impressive when you know things like, “You’re leaving your father completely out of your life.” I made a waitress cry once, looking at her “I”. Apparently her dad had recently passed away. Oops. Usually the first loop on the capital “I” indicates the mother image, and the second loop drawn is the father image. (Usually the first loop drawn is also the lower loop on the left, indicating the father image.)


The third reason I like that sentence is when I am on radio interviews, I like to give out an easy to remember phone number. They actually write, “Are you the mental one?” Then people remember how to contact Handwriting University when other people want to order another Grapho-Deck, want to get certified, or order the kid’s workbook, etc. They just put a 1-800 in front of mental-1 and they can call our office directly. Pretty clever, huh? (1-800-mental-1) (1-800-636-8251)


Those are the two sentences I usually have them write. Sometimes they hesitate and they may say something like this:


“Yes, but I don’t write cursive. I only print.”


And you say, “Well that’s O.K. Print half of it and then write cursive in half of it. I know you remember how to write cursive.


Then they will say, “No I don’t remember.” And you say, “Well can you sign your name?” “Sure and they sign their name.


And you say, “Sign your name… and just keep on going.” Smile.


Say, “It may be rough but it’s like riding a bicycle, you remember how to do it; you just may be a little wobbly.”


The reason you ask for cursive handwriting is the Grapho-Deck specifically talks about traits found in cursive handwriting. You can do printing but it’s beyond the scope of the Grapho-Deck. You need to take the home study course to understand how to handle printing. One interesting example of printing we use to illustrate in the Home Study Course is O.J. Simpson. He prints everything. And when you see his handwriting sample, you will realize that he definitely has some violent tendencies and much more. Printing doesn’t make him bad, but it does reveal his inability to express his emotions easily.


So the first step is to get a sample of the handwriting.


The second step is to pick it up and look at it. And here’s the simple part. You look at the most obvious thing that pops out. For example, if they’ve got EXTRA HUGE lower looped “y’s,” that’s probably one of the most exaggerated parts of their personality. It’s like if someone walked up and his hair was 6 inches tall, purple, and spiked, you would notice that first. It’s making a statement.


So whatever part of their handwriting is jumping out at you, that’s what you want to look at first and if it is jumping out, it probably has a specific meaning. And it’s most likely in one of the 50+ handwriting trait cards in the Grapho-Deck.


An example of a trait that may jump out is the letter “t.” Let’s say that the “t-bar” is really long and right on top.


Take your Grapho-Deck, flip to the “H’s” and look for a card called High Self-esteem and notice that the “t-bars” in that sample of writing are right on top of the stem. It says, “High crossed t-bar.” This reveals confidence, ambition, the ability to plan ahead, high goals, high personal standards and a real good self-image.

If that’s the most outstanding part of that “t-bar,” you know this person is a go-getter, ambitious. This person likes himself. Everyone likes to hear good things about themselves. What if you find bad things?


If their “t-bar” is very low, that means the opposite. It means they have a low self-esteem. Don’t look at him and say bluntly, “Hey, you’ve got low self-esteem, your self image is lower than whale dung… and that’s on the bottom of the ocean.” You don’t say that, but you do tell the truth by being diplomatic.


I might say, “You look in the mirror and you see the imperfections. I look at you and I see a good looking man (or woman). But because you could use a boost in your self-esteem, you settle for second best and you stay in bad relationships and crummy jobs much too long.” It isn’t reality… it is perceptions.

Their jaw will hit the floor. You’ve just outlined one of the biggest problems in their life. They don’t have enough confidence. That’s if the “t-bar” is very low. In the Deck, it is under the “L’s” under Low Self-Esteem. So you see, in just a few quick strokes you can get a litmus test of their self-image and even their sex drives. (This takes about 30 seconds to locate, three minutes to explain.)


Another major trait that will jump out and bite you is the loop in the “d”. This is a big, big RED FLAG. I mentioned this earlier, it is the card called Sensitive to Criticism. I mention it again because it’s so important. The letter “d” reveals how sensitive someone is to criticism. This is one of the 9 “Hell Traits” I describe in detail in my best-selling book, Handwriting Analysis Secrets of Love, Sex, and Relationships.


After you have pin-pointed one or two traits that really jump out, then you want to look at the slant. There are three cards that are going to give you some indication of the slant. The slant is what some people call “left-handedness” or “right-handedness.” The truth is you can’t tell which hand they wrote it with and you really don’t care. The three cards that you need to go get from the Deck are:


Emotional Responsiveness

Emotionally Withdrawn




Notice these three cards; they’re not labeled introvert or extrovert. Although, some people consider the behavior of an introvert very similar to the person who is Emotionally Withdrawn.



An extrovert is similar to Emotional Responsiveness, but there are some distinctions and those distinctions relate to how people express their feelings rather than just how they interact in a group, like an introvert or an extrovert.


These three basic cards describe three basic slants. On one card, you have a leftward slant, which is the emotionally withdrawn person. This is very unusual; you won’t see that much and you certainly won’t see it much at parties. People who have this slant don’t go to parties; they’re locked in their rooms, afraid to leave.


The ambivert (which is a big $5 word); basically means “gets along well with extroverts and introverts.” The root word is similar to ambidextrous: good with both hands. So an Ambivert is someone who gets along equally well with expressive people (even manic depressive types) and really logical poised people. So if you find that middle of the road slanted handwriting, then that’s what you have: middle of the road. Not too far in either direction.


The Emotional Responsive person is one of my favorite ones to talk about because they’re so dramatic. They are the actors and actresses of the world. (The whole world is their stage.)


They’re the ones whose emotions go high-high and low-low; their emotions sweep them off their feet. And, of course, the cards describe the traits in pretty good detail. What you don’t want to do is go into mass detail on the slant at this point because without knowing all five slants and without understanding how to measure using the emotional gauge, you could make mistakes and errors. You see the slant reveals the basis of the personality: how people’s emotions affect the other 99 or so personality traits.


Let’s say you look at someone’s handwriting and it reveals Temper. Well, whether they ever express that temper or not depends on which one of the three cards or which one of the 5 slants they really are. And that’s when you start getting more sophisticated and stacking traits on top of traits. If you want to be 100% accurate, all the time, you must learn more.


So let’s review the 3-step process, the QUICKIE ANALYSIS.


FIRST, get the sample of handwriting in cursive. SECOND, look for the most obvious trait that jumps out and bites you. That is going to be the most significant personality trait, look at the cards and compare the traits. THIRD, look at one of those three slant cards and decide how expressive the person is.


Point of notice: If the writer is an emotionally withdrawn person, your analysis can be 100% perfect and they won’t let you know, because they don’t express their feelings. Whereas a writer with a heavy rightward slant, if you’re only half right, is going to be crying and yelling and screaming and getting all excited. They express their feelings very spontaneously, and they FEEL a wider range of emotions than the rest of us.


So that’s the 3-step process to doing a handwriting sample. And it usually takes me no longer than 60 seconds to look… boom, boom, boom. If you heard me on the radio, that’s exactly the process I use. Simply look for the most obvious traits, boom, boom, boom, probably just 3 of them and then I talk about the slant for a little while. People think I know everything about them; when in fact, I really am just describing 4 simple traits that you can easily learn from my deck of cards.



Chapter Six: How you can turn a simple hobby into a lucrative part-time job


When I first started, like you are today, I had no intention of making a career of this, at least not at first. After I made my first $200 doing handwriting at a party, I thought, “Hey, this could be really lucrative, but my ego stepped in and said, “Yeah, but I don’t want to be viewed as just a party favor, I want to be a professional. I should go to college and learn all those important things, then get a real job.”

So, I went to college. Looked at the kind of jobs my friends had when they graduated and decided the idea of a real job looked less and less appealing. I decided to look for another route. I thought I would test market this handwriting thing. Get the bugs out before I had to sink or swim in the real world when I graduated.


So, I placed an ad in Psychology Today. Here it is written exactly as it ran many years ago.


Handwriting Analysis Experiment. Complete 8 page written analysis. Please send just $10 (administration cost) and a page of your handwriting to the Grapho-Analytics Institute of Handwriting Analysis, for a professional analysis. Your opinion of the results requested. Simply mail your check for $10 to Grapho-Analytics (address here.)


Well, it worked. However, I got so tired of endorsing and cashing ten dollar checks…my hand hurt. (Oh, of course the Grapho-Analytics Institute of Handwriting Analysis was the first stage toward the current Handwriting University – our training institute.) I made a little money and did a lot of work. However, I made a major mistake…I charged too little. Because of the overwhelming response, I was forced to create a program that contains the most common traits. This saved me hours worth of work.


Using this program, Grapho 1.0, all I have to do is click one button and WHAMMO…a paragraph appears describing the trait. I had each 8 page analysis down to less than 30 minutes each, including licking the envelope. It was a good start. I calculated I was only making about $20 bucks an hour, but it was good marketing experience. I got smart and started charging more. Today, I charge over $150 for the same written analysis.


By the way, as part of the Deluxe Home Study Course, you can own a licensed copy of my private Certification Student’s Only computer program, Grapho 1.0 or Grapho-Web 2.0, and do the same thing I did. I always support my students in making money. It’s pretty neat to be able to produce a long written analysis from any internet accessible computer in the world in less than 30 minutes. It automatically integrates the person’s name, gender, and spits out a personality report. It has been revised many times since 1988 when I first wrote it. It is now entirely online and accessible worldwide with internet access and enrollment into the Level 401 home study course.



After the successful $10 analysis ad campaign, I placed a small ad in the local newspaper for a higher price. A psychologist called me to ask if I would do an analysis of a patient of his. At that time I advertised $75 per analysis and he gladly wrote me a check for $75. I did a complete written analysis using my Grapho 1.0 program.


Now this was impressive to me, a real psychologist…hiring me. I mean these doctors spend 8 years and here I am just a handwriting expert. (I began to realize later that a highly trained handwriting expert can often reveal MUCH more about a client’s psychological issues than the average psychologist. My respect for traditional psychological methods has diminished greatly. However, there are a number of trained psychologists that now teach with me on the same stage at our annual handwriting seminars. Their experience combined with our knowledge is profound.)


The doctor wrote me a letter and it said, “Bart, I want to thank you for the insights you gave me on this young lady whose handwriting I sent you. It provided me vast, in-depth understanding of how to deal with her. In fact your analysis provided the missing link to my understanding. She is very private and it was very difficult to understand where she was coming from. Thanks to your handwriting analysis, our relationship is now stronger than ever. That was my girlfriend and for the first time in two years I understand her. Sincerely, J~~~ Johnson, PhD.”


I’m not going to give you his full name, but I was so amazed with my new skill. I was just 20 years old, I got paid $75 for half an hour’s worth of work, and it was to a psychologist who needed some relationship counseling. That made me realize two things… how powerful handwriting analysis is in helping people with their relationships and…people will pay a high price for this knowledge. My mental gears started to turn. What next?


Attend a live seminar with the faculty members and guest teachers of Handwriting University by visiting this website:





Chapter Seven: “Hell Traits” & Your Love Life


The first book I wrote is called “The Secrets to Making Love Happen.” Promoting this book helped me get on national TV shows like “Montel Williams” and “Leeza.” The book is all about your relationships, my true stories of dating, and of course, the “Hell Traits.” You can’t buy it in your local bookstore. This book comes as part of the Special Upgrade Offer in the enclosed envelope. This book is a “must read” for anyone who wants to improve their love life.

What I mean by “Hell Traits” is that I have a list of 9 “Hell Traits” that I avoid when starting new relationships. They’re the same traits you would avoid in business partners as well, but it gets a lot of air play when you talk about the “Hell Traits.”


When you look at somebody’s handwriting, you can spot which one of these “Hell Traits” somebody has, if any. If they don’t have any and they have your attention, go out with them, marry them, lock them up because it’s very difficult to find someone with no “Hell Traits.” The Grapho-Deck contains at least 3 of these “Hell Traits.”


I’m going to go over a few of them with you so you can kind of “get your feet wet” in understanding what benefit it can be to spot all these negative traits up front, and then protect yourself by either avoiding the relationship or getting a fair warning. It is like having a periscope to know what to look for if people start acting weird or if you have money on the line. If you have your heart on the line…be careful. I can always make more money, but my heart is fragile!


The first “Hell Trait” is called Jealousy and if you go to the “J’s” you see it appropriately titled Jealousy. It’s a tight beginning loop, like a small squarish circle. It’s usually found on capital letters, but sometimes it can be found in other letters. But stick with a small very tight beginning loop.


If it’s a big loop it doesn’t mean jealousy. It actually changes the context completely and it’s called the Desire for Responsibility.


The tiny loop is jealousy. You don’t want to be around someone who is severely jealous because no matter what you do they always feel like someone is threatening their love interest. So it’s the fear of losing one’s love. That’s one of my 9 “Hell Traits.”


The second “Hell Trait” contained in the Grapho-Deck is called Lives For The Moment and it’s the next card in order. What it is…it’s kind of like the handwriting you’d see of a 16 year-old teenage girl.



I find it mostly in females rather than males. It’s a big, fluffy, middle zone handwriting where strokes don’t go much into the upper zones. Now I know the 3 zones aren’t described in the Grapho-Deck, but briefly I’ll describe the zones to you, so you can get an idea of what you’re going to learn when you decide to enroll in the advanced course.


The Upper Zone is ideas and philosophies. The Middle Zone is what’s happening now: communication and living in the present. The Lower Zone is physical and sex drives. It is logical. The sensitive to criticism is in the “d” stem, the upper zone. That is why the sex drive is in the “y,” in the lower zone.


So the Lives for the Moment is where everything is in the middle zone. In this case there is very little upper zone, which means that the person is very immature, does not plan ahead and tends to get into trouble because of their lack of planning. This is typical of someone who is immature and sometimes, I jokingly refer to the trait as a sociopath. This word isn’t clinically accurate.


The third “Hell Trait” is Lying. Now this is definitely a BIG “Hell Trait” and I don’t know how many of you like to deal with liars, business or personal. I hate it.



In fact you probably will hate to admit it if you do lie. But if you find lying loops in someone else’s handwriting, try to avoid doing that analysis in front of everybody else. Because what will happen is they’re going to deny the stuff you reveal, especially the part about the lying.


Often times I choose to be blunt, (they know they lie) and they just blush, and everyone else around them will go, “Yeah, that’s him. He’s always making up stuff, or he’s always shading the truth, he doesn’t want to look bad, etc.”

Any way you put it, it’s kind of hard to call someone a liar without making them feel bad, so you might avoid that in public, (unless you enjoy public humiliation and then you really have your money’s worth!)


If you spot the double looped “o’s,” they do shade the truth and it is definitely questionable as to how much you can trust them. Now if the loops are very tiny, it could just indicate little “white lies.” I guess some people can live with that. But you should always take note if the double loops are there.



There are a couple of other things; there’s a Secretive card: that’s a loop on the right side of the letter “o.” And that secretive card is similar to lying but only halfway. In other words, they are only keeping secrets from other people. You see, if it’s a loop in the left side it’s called Self-Deceit, and that’s keeping secrets from themselves. If you do analyses in front of other people, these people won’t tell you if you are accurate simply because they don’t know themselves.



So if I see the Self-Deceit trait while appearing on a radio show, I simply skip that analysis and try to pick another person that knows herself a little better. After all, looking good while in the media is important. Don’t let a half-liar screw up your day!


Another “Hell Trait” we’re going to talk about is Low Self-Esteem which we mentioned earlier. Low self-esteem is the “t-bar” crossed near the bottom of the stem. This has all kinds of negative implications. The problem is: if you yourself have a low “t-bar”, you tend to attract more people with low “t-bars.” Because like-attracts-like, until you really change yourself you’ll continually attract people that match your own self-image.



Why it’s a cardinal sin to date without knowing this.


If you’re single, this could be the most important section of this little booklet you read. And if you’re married, I think you’ll relate to it just like you can remember the days when you were single. I paid a high price for this research and I hope you appreciate it.


By the time I attended college, I was familiar with handwriting analysis. I had already become certified, but I didn’t use it everyday and I definitely wasn’t using it to teach people to make any money at it. However, I kept a journal of the various events because I knew I’d write a book or somehow get involved with handwriting at some point in the future, which obviously I did.


One of these situations, which come to mind, was a woman named Marsha. Marsha was a beautiful professional dancer. In fact, our fraternity was doing a dance competition and she was the choreographer. Of course, with her being the instructor, and spending so much time with us, I became infatuated with her.


I didn’t see her handwriting until after it was a little too late. After three or four weeks, we had gone out a few times and things seemed to be going well. But when I finally saw her writing, I understood.


It all showed up in her handwriting. If I had seen her handwriting I could have saved myself a huge heartbreak. According to the handwriting, she actually had low self-esteem. Which is basically the “T-bar” being crossed on the low end of the stem. She needed other’s approval to boost her low self-esteem.


But what I found out the hard way was that there were a couple of other traits. One of those was the strong desire for a challenge, which we call “stingers.” See the Issues with Opposite Sex card. And also she had the dual personality.



In a nutshell, Marsha was a multiple-personality that hated men, and didn’t like her own self all that much. Oh joy. Good relationship material. Way to go, Bart.


Well, after one evening together, she wouldn’t talk to me. In fact she avoided me. And when I called and tried to talk to her she was the “Ice Queen.” And I swear I felt…and I know this sounds trite, I felt used. Now all the women reading this are thinking, “Well it’s about time! A guy feeling used. About time he knows what it feels like.” Well, it didn’t feel very good. I didn’t particularly ask for it or even deserve it. But, I could have avoided it.


As far as the dual personality, she basically was expressive and non-expressive in spurts. She was very, “hot and cold; hot and cold.” Her handwriting slanted back and forth.



I learned very quickly that if I look at the handwriting first I can avoid “doomed relationships” from the start. You’ve been there… you think it is going well. You think you know the person. And it comes out of left field. It’s SATAN! There’s a totally different side. A “Cold,” “Icy,” even a cruel side that you’ve never seen before. You even swear his or her head spins around!


So next time you think you’re lucky because you zoomed in on one trait, look at the rest of the handwriting. Perhaps it’s not worth the risk to jump into that den of lions.


• • • • • • • • • • • • • •


“I found the handwriting to be right on target with the “Hell Traits”.

Unfortunately, I have been in a roller coaster relationship and need to get off of the ride. The analysis confirmed my suspicion.

I should have had this information before he ripped my heart out.

When I date again, I’m checking the handwriting first.”


– Laura Stinson

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •


“Every time I dated a woman with Trainwreck Handwriting, she ended up being a Disaster Waiting to Happen. The handwriting doesn’t lie. It took a few bruises to trust it totally, but now I depend on it.”


-Stan Hayes, Dallas, TX, Video Producer

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


“I took a lady friend of mine out to dinner for her birthday and gave her a handwriting analyzing overview of herself. She said, “It was the best birthday present I ever received from someone!!!” Now she brings me handwriting samples of people she works and hangs outs with. Well, at least I get a free meal out of it each time, thanks for such a great tool!”


-Paul A. Rochon


If you are single, do yourself a favor and read “Handwriting Analysis for Love, Sex, & Relationships”. This 304 page book will save you years of heartache and guide you to having a great love life. You can buy it online here:


Also, if you are single, you might want to consider this program:




Chapter Eight: How Your Beliefs Create Your Future


Some people believe they will always be poor. If you believe rich people are all selfish and evil, you will never become one. It wouldn’t seem right. Some people believe everyone with wealth is just “lucky” or “born with a silver spoon.” That belief keeps you from making lots of money, whether you are talented or not. Of course, most people will never admit we have control over our beliefs; they will just argue to prove what they believe is right.

“Argue Your Limitations,

And Sure Enough, They’re Yours”

- Richard Bach, Illusions


Whatever you believe, you will find evidence to support that belief. The first step to changing your lot in life is choosing new beliefs. You may have to let go of the old ones first.


For example, it is very common to find a woman with very low “t-bars” and maybe other “sensitivities and fears.” Unfortunately, it is common to discover she has been a victim of some kind of spousal abuse. Unconsciously, she may have attracted a man in her life that actually has these violent tendencies. Now it’s hard to say which came first, “the chicken or the egg”, but it’s actually been a pattern that I describe in detail in my relationship book, “The Secrets To Making Love Happen”.


Many women continually attract men who abuse them. It’s not that they deserve to be beaten…no one deserves that. It’s partly because they have a belief that says that’s how relationships are supposed to go. “Men just treat women that way.”


There are two ways to handle this problem. She could learn handwriting and always avoid the guys with violent strokes in their handwriting. The only downfall with this approach is that she will be avoiding everybody that she is probably unconsciously attracted to. Because for some deep rooted reason, she’s attracted to men who do that. So, in order to change the kind of man she is attracted to, she has to change herself. The first step, of course, is to do whatever it takes to raise her self-image. Also, she must change her beliefs about being a victim and her beliefs about men in relationships.


As Forest Gump says, “So that’s enough about that” and I’ll end this discussion of negative topics. But the point is this…


If your life isn’t the way you want it to be, you must change your beliefs about what is possible.


Napoleon Hill said, “We are what we think about.” If you think about being rich, you will think and grow rich. And if you’re not happy with the amount of money you’re making, the relationship you have, etc., it’s because at some point in the past you decided that’s the way it was supposed to be. Now you probably didn’t make a decision out of the clear blue sky. Most of us wouldn’t make a conscious decision to be poor…or to be lonely…or to be upset. But that’s what happens by DEFAULT because we don’t make another decision to supersede that negative thought. Decide now.


If you want to change your life, there are many things you can do. But the first step is to take a really good snapshot of how you are right now and notice where you may fall short. I’m not talking about this concept from an imperial point of view saying, “Hey, I’m perfect.” I know I still have areas to improve, but I can honestly tell you I have very few personality issues holding me back like I did many years ago.


My latest book “Success Secrets of the Rich and Happy” goes into massive detail on how you can change your own limiting beliefs and program you mind for more financial success and emotional happiness.


Read about it here: www.BeRichandHappy.com




I remember the day it clicked. I was about 16 when Dr. Walker sat down with me and said, “Look Bart, if you want to be happy, if you want to be successful, you have to change a couple things. We have to work on your anger. We have to work on you being too sensitive to criticism.” Those were the two major issues keeping me down. Dr. Walker then described in detail the two changes in my handwriting that I had to make if I were truly to change these traits. I had to practice my new handwriting until it became habit.

I worked on these letters for months. Now, years later, few if any of those strokes show up in my handwriting…because they’re gone. Truly gone. I’m changed.


Well now, I’m a different person and you can be different too. If your life isn’t the way you want it, take a good look at yourself, and be honest. Use the handwriting as a test to discover what areas could use improving.


Warning, Don’t Change Your Handwriting…Yet.


About the grapho-therapy…don’t go changing your handwriting and changing everybody else’s handwriting to make it match the handwriting in the cards. Why? You could do a lot of damage without knowing it. There’s a story Dr. Walker told me once that illustrates this point all too clearly.


Dr. Walker had this student, Jack, who had taken only the very first class in the certification course. Jack was full of enthusiasm but low on following instructions, “I’m going to go change my handwriting, from top to bottom!” And he did. You see, Dr. Walker only taught Grapho-therapy after his students had attained a specific amount of wisdom and knowledge, and Jack wasn’t at that point just yet.
“A little knowledge can be dangerous.” – Anonymous

Here is what happened.

Jack was basically an angry introvert. The good thing about this was he never really talked to people about these torrid feelings.


He didn’t really express his feelings, fears, or even his intentions. In fact he seemed pretty harmless, until the lid was blown off.


The fact was, he had a lot of pent-up anger, a lot of sarcasm, and he even had some unusual twisted perverted desires. Because of emotional repression, he never revealed these thoughts to anyone.


Jack changed something very important about his handwriting without consulting with Dr. Walker. This was unwise.


About a week and a half later Jack’s wife came screaming into Dr. Walker’s office “You’ve got to do something. He’s a madman. He’s acting crazy. He says you changed him. You’ve ruined his life! ”


Dr. Walker asked shocked, “What are you talking about?”


She said, “Jack is spending every night out in bars. He won’t come home. He is drinking, cavorting with cheap women, and being an idiot.”


Dr. Walker said “Jack?”


“Yes, Jack. He’s not the same. He yells at me. He argues with the people in the bar. He’s even gotten in three fights in the last week. They had to thrown him out. Help me! ”


And Dr. Walker said, “Well, what in the world? What do you think caused this?” She said, “Well he changed his handwriting in the following way….”


She drew the traits he had intentionally changed.


And Dr. Walker gasped, “Oh, my Gosh, how could he do that?”


In a nutshell, what happened was that he had removed his shyness and fear of people, but did nothing to change his anger, violent thoughts, resentments, or other fears. It was like tearing down the protective walls of the castle without getting rid of the attacking army first. He was vulnerable.


So all of a sudden it was like he was this explosion waiting to happen. Every time he talked to people, it lit the fuse. He let them have it…forty-two years of pent up frustration, spewed on the world. As you can imagine, these changes in his character were not well received. He lost a lot of friends, and almost his wife.


So, don’t go changing your handwriting until you learn more about what it takes to change each trait, in the proper sequence. This process is described in detail in the Change Your Life in 30 Days Grapho-therapy manuals. I have designed one for adults and one specifically for children ages 8-12. They are also available as part of our Handwriting Certification Home Study Course.


Take whatever steps necessary to improve your life. That doesn’t mean you have to go ahead and order the Grapho-Therapy Workbooks. There are a number of good teachers on other topics who could lead you to a brighter future. It also doesn’t mean you need to make a decision to enroll in the certification home study course right now. You might just think about it for a while, and let it sink in, before you make that decision.


It could mean you want to start out on another path, maybe you want to go read Anthony Robbin’s “Unlimited Power”, or a Wayne Dyer book, or go attend a Deepak Chopra seminar. But whatever you do, do something!


If you’re not satisfied right now, just know that it’s possible to change. Let me be an example for you. There was a time when I didn’t have two nickels to rub together.


Not too long ago, I was a just a kid with a bunch of dreams and not much else. I had no credibility, no money in my pocket, and no supportive relationship. In fact, when I made the decision to be the country’s #1 Handwriting Expert, I was making just $6 an hour and driving a ten year old Buick, with a dent along the entire driver’s side! I also lived in a one bedroom apartment, all alone, and very lonely. I felt like I was starting over. It was then I decided “mediocrity and poverty are too expensive a price to pay.” I decided to go for it in the handwriting business! It was a big decision for that point in my life and things started to happen.


Within 12 months of that decision I put over $38,000 in the bank… was a published author…and appeared on national television! I was still only 23 at the time. I know that isn’t a ton of money in today’s dollars, but for a 23 year old, it doubled my income that year!


Today, my life just keeps getting better and better. I’m in a wonderful love filled relationship. I’ve appeared on over 1700 radio and TV shows including a few overseas. I’m a respected professional in my field. I get the privilege of directing the Handwriting University and help thousands of people every year. Not only do I help them in their personal lives, but many of them are making a full time living doing handwriting analysis through my guidance.


Now how did this happen? Was it luck? Was I gifted? Was I an overnight success? Was it because I went to college?


No. In fact, I could have done every step of it without going to college. It made no difference. The difference was that I changed my belief system about what’s possible. I decided to have enough confidence to take a risk.


I risked going broke. I risked rejection. I risked failure.


I risked people laughing at me and saying, “Hey, nobody’s going to read a book on handwriting analysis.” After the second printing, they changed their tune. The skeptics then said, “Who’s going to spend that kind of time learning to be certified?” etc., etc.


Well you know what? Like the movie Field of Dreams says, “Build it and they will come.” The truth is I don’t know the skeptics anymore. They’re probably still living in the same apartment complex I left years ago. They are still squashing someone else’s dreams. They still aren’t happy. And they did laugh at me. So what?


So if you’re not satisfied with your life, decide to take action. If you feel that learning to change your handwriting is an important step to your success, then by all means spend the time and invest the money into getting that information. It will make a huge difference in your life.


My father used to say “Learn from other’s mistakes… It costs less than learning from your own!”


This little booklet has given you an introduction to how you can analyze handwriting in 10 minutes or less and have lots of fun “getting your feet wet” using this new skill. You are probably beginning to realize just how powerful handwriting analysis can be when you decide to master all the skills. It really is the world’s most effective form of understanding personality.


I have to let you in on a few emotions you will soon be having; excitement, intrigue, amazement, and curiosity. What you’ll quickly discover as you begin to analyze people’s handwriting is that there is much more to learn. The insights that are revealed in these 51 cards are more than you could ever get from talking to someone for 2 or 3 hours. They will blow your mind. However, curiosity about what all the other strokes mean is going to eat away at you. You may find yourself dreaming about handwriting.


You will begin wondering…“What does that backward t-stroke indicate, how about that circle ‘i-dot’, or that the triangle ‘y loop’? And those darn slant variations?” There is so much more to discover. Don’t feel bad when people ask you what a certain stroke means. Tell them you are just starting and don’t know yet.


You’ll catch yourself saying, “Wow, what about this… Uh, I wonder what that means?” Or, “Oh! If I only knew what that means.” Or, “Wow! That analysis was almost perfect, but if I’d just known more.” And the way you learn more is to invest some time and energy into the Handwriting Analysis Home Study Course. You’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about understanding people, personality, and specifically the science of Grapho-therapy, which is how to change yourself through handwriting changes. If you pass all the tests, you will be “Certified” as an Expert Handwriting Analyst. Then, you can start to cash in. What’s more, I’ll even help you market yourself as an expert.


If you want to get personal interaction with our faculty, simply join our Silver or Gold Handwriting University Membership program and join our live monthly tutoring calls via telephone. Upload your own handwriting samples and get personal tutoring.




You may see this booklet as a special invitation for you to enroll in our Certification Home Study Course, and you can save yourself a lot of money if you decide to do it soon. But don’t enroll impulsively. Go ahead and test the Grapho-Deck. Take the Grapho-Deck, go into public and really grasp how powerful and how accurate it really is. Because every time someone says, “it seems like you’ve known me for years,” that’ll be the clue it is time to learn more.


Congratulations, you’ve just earned yourself a spot in history. Why? When you analyze someone’s handwriting, they will always remember you. They never forget me. And they will never forget you either.


I’ll tell you one final story. I was in a restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada a few years ago and this nice waitress asked for my order. I just said casually, “Give me a sample of your handwriting and I’ll analyze it for you.” And she said, “You know what? We were just talking about that.” She went on, “I was telling the other waitress that she should raise her ‘t-bar.’ I said, “What do you mean raise her ‘t-bar’? She said, “Yeah. You know the letter ‘t.’ It will boost her confidence.”


She explained, “I met this handwriting expert years ago in L.A. who told me if I raised my ‘t-bar’, my self-image would go up.”


I said, “Really?” I thought to myself, “That sounds like something I would say.”


She continued enthusiastically, “And you know, I did it. I raised my t-bar. And it worked!” She smiled ear to ear, “I’ve lost 80 pounds, gotten a better job, gotten rid of an abusive boyfriend and even moved from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. My life is so much better and I owe it all to changing my handwriting. And the ‘t-bar’ is one of the things he told me to change. I was trying to tell the other waitress it could help her too.”


And I said, “I’m curious, do you remember the person’s name?” And I took the book I had written and put it in front of her, pointing to the author’s name.


And she says, “I can’t believe it! You’re the guy! You’re the guy who changed my life.” She jumped into the seat and hugged me.


She said over her tears, “Yes, Bart, it’s really you. Do you remember me? Katherine…at the Toastmasters’ Meeting? The Kettle Restaurant? Woodland Hills, California? Two years ago?”


I didn’t recognize her at first because she went by Katherine when she was in L.A., and her name badge said KAT. Her hair was a different color and she really was 80 pounds lighter. I smiled when the memory came to me. “Wow, Katherine, it’s really you.” We laughed and caught up for a while.


That meeting taught me a powerful lesson and it can be a lesson that you can learn too. Everybody you talk to can be an opportunity to change their life, and don’t take what you see in their handwriting lightly, because your words can make a huge difference. So choose them carefully.


That 5 minute meeting I had with Katherine changed her life dramatically, because I spent the time and compassion to give her some sincere advice and tell her how to improve her life. So the power is in your hands. Go out, analyze handwriting and soon you will realize what a powerful effect this has on people.

“You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it come true.
You may have to work for it, however.” —Richard Bach, Illusions


Chapter Nine: The Short Cut

What you need to move onto the next level


After you have done a few analyses and begin to feel the incredible response of others, you will be wondering how to move on to the next level. You will begin wondering what traits are safe to change using Grapho-therapy, what it means when you combine traits, and of course to satisfy your building curiosity of what the other basic traits are that I couldn’t fit into the Grapho-Deck.

I must tell you, I’ve probably done over a thousand different analyses and studied at the feet of more than a few of the world’s best handwriting experts. (Most of them have passed on, by the way). I even had the opportunity to travel to France and Spain and compare our “American” system to their systems. All this has added to my cumulative knowledge. It wasn’t fast, easy, or cheap.


But, after all, that is why you choose a mentor, so you don’t have to do all the legwork. You won’t have to sort through all the garbage and half-truths. You won’t even have to learn by trial and error which words to use in order to accurately DESCRIBE a particular trait. You won’t get confused by all the different theories and systems claiming to be more accurate and better than the next. What’s more, you won’t have to waste your time and money learning how to turn this knowledge into cash in your pocket. I’ve done all that. I’ll teach you.


If I added up the time and money I’ve invested in mastering this “handwriting system”, I suppose it would be worth well over $100,000. Although most would agree $100,000 is about par for the course of an excellent college education that will land you an esteemed career, I don’t think many people COULD pay that kind of price to learn my system. Besides, I really want you to be able to afford it. I want you to master it and experience the joy it has brought me throughout the years.


Why did I create the Home Study Course?

Because students like you asked me to. (Wow! I sound like Ross Perot…“If the people want to put me on the ballot, then I’ll run.”) But really, I didn’t start out just making products. I started out making money doing handwriting analysis. Remember, I invented the Grapho-Deck while I was still in college. Over the years, people would call me and ask “Where do I learn more?” The truth is there was not one single book, seminar, or school that could fully do justice to this science. So, step by step I began to fulfill their requests by making new products for specific needs.


• I created the Grapho-Deck.

• I made some tapes to use with the Grapho-Deck.

(They wanted more.)

• I started by writing a relationship book titled “The Handwriting Analyis for Love, Sex, & Relationships”. (They wanted more.)

• I designed a workbook and tape to guide you step-by-step through changing your handwriting. (They wanted more.)

• I designed a Kid’s Change Your Life in 30 Days workbook to guide your kids to make better grades and change their handwriting. (They wanted more.)

• I taught live seminars teaching people how to achieve more success in both the financial and relationship arenas. I taught people to use these skills in the way I use them in my life. (More. More. More.)

• I founded Handwriting University International and began to train and certify people as handwriting experts all over the globe.

• I wrote the “Success Secrets to the Rich and Happy” so everyone can apply this technology to their own lives and live in abundance.


People from around the world wanted to attend, but couldn’t always make the trip to attend the live seminars. I did lots of $100 per hour consulting, teaching my system. But, if you do the math, I would have to charge over $2000 to explain just 20 hours worth of knowledge to you.


So I recorded over 40 hours of live lectures, edited it down to just the best material, and put it on DVD’s and audio recordings. I created the Handwriting Home Study Course to teach my specialized techniques, my word patterns, my secret traits that only Dr.Walker and I were privy to… directly to you… no matter where you live. Since I know most people couldn’t afford the $2000 – $100,000 real life value, I had to create a fair price anyone could afford.


So, here’s what I came up with…


I have painstakingly compiled and organized everything I’ve done over the past 20 years. It’s an incredible amount of material. When I hand you this mountain of information, you will have everything you need to become a Certified Handwriting Expert.


The enrollment fee for The Standard Certification Home Study Course package is priced retail at $1299. This is a bargain considering you will master a trade and a skill that you can use for the rest of your life. If you bought all the components separately, you’d pay even more. But, now you can save hundreds of dollars.

Call our International Headquarters and our staff can direct you to the current special prices you have, as a new customer. The exact price varies with the current special and it depends on which course you already own. (Some people reading this booklet only own the Grapho-Deck; others own the complete Starter Kit.) If you enroll using the special offer, you will get in at a substantially discounted price. Call our office today and enroll by phone.

Let me describe all the things you will receive when you enroll into the Standard Handwriting Analysis Certification Home Study Course:


? The Nuts & Bolts of Handwriting Analysis


• Handwriting Certification Textbook by Dr. Ray Walker.

150+ pages in a 3 Ring Binder for easy access for quick reference, test taking, and long term storage.

• 14 Hours of Instruction on CD/DVD or both.

• 14 Hours of 1996 -2010 seminar recordings in mp3 format.

• Spiral Bound Handout Book with over 70 pages of unique, hard-to-find handwriting samples of famous people. Includes writing of O.J. Simpson, Bill Clinton, Ross Perot, George Bush, and dozens of psychopaths, criminals, and other politicians!

• 21 Written Tests for Certification- You must make A’s to pass and receive your certification.

• Plastic Emotional Gauge - A must for measuring slant.


? Change Your Life Workbooks and Grapho-Therapy


• Change Your Life in 30 Days Workbook

+ 45 Minute Instructional Audio MP3

• How to Raise your Kid’s Grades, Confidence, and Self-Esteem through Grapho-Therapy

+ 30 Minute Instructional Audio MP3


? The Certification Process : Upon successful completion of your written tests you are eligible for:


? Pre-Test Interview & Written Multiple Choice Test.
This confirms your knowledge base and once you pass, we can schedule your verbal final exam.


? Live verbal final exam with one of our certified teachers. Live analysis and oral exam will be given via phone or in person… no matter which country you live.


? A Diploma. A frame able blue and gold graduation diploma to hang on your wall that tells the world of your expertise. Issued by Grapho-Analytics’ Handwriting University (school of handwriting analysis) and authorized by the signatures of the directors.


Graduates pose with their diplomas from
Bart Baggett at a recent Annual Conference.






You, the expert, having fun and

getting paid for talking to people,

just by looking at someone’s handwriting.


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

How much does it cost to enroll?


If you purchase everything separately for the Standard Home Study Course, you could pay over $1100. However, we bundle the individual components and we deduct the price of any products you already own. Since there is no reason for you to re-order products you already own, we have designed special offers for owners of certain products. Call our office for the latest discounted prices.


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


“Within months of getting Bart’s handwriting course, I got my dream job with Federal Express! My handwriting analysis gave me the personal insight and confidence to take bigger risks and go for it!”


Angela Hunter, Project Engineer, Memphis, Tennessee

(Certified through Bart’s Standard Home Study Course)


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“I’ve already started making $60 an hour analyzing handwriting at holiday parties and business conventions…thanks Bart!”

Sylvia Tooker, Website Designer, Dallas, TX

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• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


“I received your course about three weeks ago and I am blowing the minds of people everywhere I go. I’m about halfway through the book and already I’ve got “handwriting on the brain”; I dream about it; I think about it; I see signatures and samples everywhere!”


“The course was extremely interesting and that made motivation easy. The materials are not hard and offer the opportunity to learn about ourselves and others in an intimate way – very fast. Thanks so much for the information in this home study course.”


Ricky Jackson, Age 28, small business owner, Atlanta, GA

(Certified through Bart’s Deluxe Level Home Study Course)

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“This course is fun and easy! I even already got samples from about a dozen of my friends and co-workers to start practicing slants. Thank you for taking a specialized science and making it accessible to us non-psychology types.”


Thomas Grogan, Charlotte, North Carolina


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“I’m having a great time going through the handwriting program. I’m using the information with people in a way that makes a wonderful difference in their lives, so thank you for making it all available.


I’ve had an incredible amount of fun with this, and I am continually amazed at the insights I get. Plus, I’m making people around me sit up and notice!!

I am having a GREAT time with your programs. And every time I do another analysis, it makes me feel like I know the person on a totally different level.”


Katie Darden, Career Life Institute, Trainer/ Coach

(Certified through Bart’s Standard Home Study Course)

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Entire Deluxe course pictured above. Photo includes Handwriting Analysis for Love, Sex, & Relationships, The Grapho-Deck, Change Your Life in 30 Days Workbooks, Grapho 2.0 access, The Marketing System, The Standard Home Study Course, Amazing Secrets Video, and even the “certificate”. If you purchased everything shown above separately, you could easily pay over $1,600 if you didn’t have a discount or take advantage of any special offer!




The 401 Marketing System – How to Make $100 Per Hour Analyzing Handwriting

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How to Make $100 Per Hour Analyzing Handwriting Marketing System

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• Grapho 1.0 Computer software for Customized Handwriting Analysis. Includes access to Grapho-Web 2.0 web based software accessible via the Internet with any PC or Mac.

• Much, much more! (New sections are being added all the time.)


Ok, there are a few options you need to think about…


Choice #1: Snooze you lose.


You can close this book, play with The Grapho-Deck a few times, but simply turn your back on a chance to really master this science, change your life, and not to mention make over $100 an hour in your spare time. I have to tell you something, I’ve never seen an easier way to make changes in your life and the lives of the ones you love. If you do snooze, procrastinate, forget to move forward, etc., just think about all the new friends, respect, and extra money you will be leaving on the table. If having abundance in your life is important to you, you have to be open to it. So you must really consider going for it, realize you have a money-back guarantee and get started.


Choice #2: Order Now, Pay The Balance Later.


Of course, if money is tight right now, you might be thinking you really want to do it, but sometime down the road timing might be better.

Unfortunately, you and I both know that when we put things off, they often get put on the back burner and usually never get handled. Instead of missing this chance to expand your knowledge, go ahead and order now using our “financing plan.” You simply pay the first installment (plus shipping & handling) and we send you the whole course. Since you have an unconditional guarantee, you can evaluate it, read it, and use it before we even see the rest of your money. Nifty, huh? You’ll be so happy, you will be glad you stretched yourself just a bit.


There is a small financing fee charge if you choose to finance the course. (That makes it a better deal for you to charge the entire fee up front if you have a credit card that charges less than 18% interest or can write a check for the whole amount.)


Choice #3: Go for the Gusto!

Enroll now into the Standard or Deluxe Home Study Course!


Follow your gut instinct that wants to see for yourself, hear the tapes, and put your hands on the Home Study Course! If you are as curious and excited as I was many years ago, take advantage of my generous One Year Unconditional Total Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. If you know you want to turn this into a lucrative part time business, go ahead and start with the Deluxe Course and begin earning your investment back many times over in just a few weeks! On the other hand, if you can’t see yourself making extra money analyzing handwriting or talking to people about it, then go ahead and enroll in the Standard Course so you can quickly feel all those other benefits you are looking for.


Simply fill out the order form in the enclosed envelope, and send it in right away. Also, if you are really serious, ready to order, but need some special financing, you can get enrolled today and spread the payments out over 3 Months. Just follow the directions on the order form on how to order by fax or by phone. Look forward to this exciting and unique opportunity for your future. I’m looking forward to hearing from you and I will be willing to personally answer any questions regarding your decision to enroll.



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